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A View from the Bright Side: Palm's Smart Marketing

Mon Nov 23, 2009 - 3:11 PM EST - By Annie Latham

In a post appearing on Sunday in an unlikely place, an on-line publication that covers the semiconductor industry, Palm received some unexpected support.

In his post, John Oram (Bright Side of News) makes some interesting observations. For example, he stated that Palm reminded him of the Energizer Bunny. He acknowledged how Palm invented the "Internet-surfing pocket-computer phone with its Treo 600 in 2002" and continued to own the market until about 2007, when Apple with the iPhone, took the game away from everybody.

>> He theorized that Palm "stuck it out with Sprint" because Dan Hesse, Sprint's CEO, is "a consummate marketing guru."

>> He posed his theory about the low pricing that starting to appear for the Palm Pre and the Pixi.

>> He also pointed out what Palm needed to do, based on past success with the Treo 600 -- expanded distribution.

"We bet that Palm has new handsets in the early stages of overseas production. The rumors are that Palm will be selling to Verizon in 1H 2010, and to AT&T by 2H 2010. Palm will be making a significant marketing effort aimed at mobile carriers in the EU, Asia, South America, Caribbean, and Africa, just like the old days when they were a leader in the smartphone world."

The entire post is well worth reading.

Will CES 2010 be a strong follow-up to last year's success for Palm? Stay tuned...


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