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The Smartphone Round Robin is Underway!

Mon Dec 14, 2009 - 2:02 PM EST - By Annie Latham

The third annual Smartphone Round Robin has begun and will last for six weeks. During that time, editors from the SPE community sites -- AndroidCentral.com, CrackBerry.com (BlackBerry), NokiaExperts.com, PreCentral.net, TheiPhoneBlog.com and WMExperts.com (Windows Mobile) -- will be learning what it's like to live "on the other side of the fence" as they compare their everyday smartphone for each of its competitors. The participants will be documenting their triumphs and struggles at a special Website set up for the event as well as through Facebook, Twitter and special podcasts.

In the announcement, Dieter Bohn, editor-in-chief for the Smartphone Experts community sites, had this to say:

"With the number of highly-acclaimed smartphones appearing during 2009, from the Palm Pre at the beginning of the year, to the Motorola DROID last month, it can be really confusing for someone to figure out which phone, platform or wireless network to choose. We feel this year's Round Robin will be especially helpful as our editors, the experts, move beyond the hype to provide insights on the good, the bad and the ugly of each device handed to them."

The six participants in the Smartphone Round Robin challenge are Casey Chan from Android Central, Kevin Michaluk from CrackBerry.com, Matthew Miller from NokiaExperts.com, Rene Ritchie from The iPhone Blog, Dieter Bohn from PreCentral.net, and Phil Nickinson from WMExperts.com. Mickey Papillon of TheCellPhoneJunkie.com will document the entire event.

You can follow along by visiting the home page, www.smartphoneroundrobin.com, and the various community sites, where related video, posts and forum threads can be found.

Social networking will play a bigger role this year with updates will available via Twitter (@speroundrobin) and the Smartphone Round Robin fan page on Facebook. There will also be podcasts sponsored by The Cell Phone Junkie .

Chance to win a smartphone of choice!

The smartphones that will be used this time around are: Android DROID and Hero, BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Storm2, iPhone 3GS, Nokia N900 and N97 Mini, Palm Pre and Pixi, and the Windows Phone HD2.

One of these could be yours. Details on the contest are available at: www.smartphoneroundrobin.com/smartphone-round-robin-contest.


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