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Sprint Spearheads Recycling Effort

Mon Apr 5, 2010 - 4:34 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

Sprint announced today its renewed partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for “Plug-In To eCycling National Cell Phone Recycling Week,” April 5-11, 2010. Sprint is launching an aggressive social media campaign to build upon the 3.7 million phones that it collected for reuse and recycling in 2009.

“We are committed to eCycling efforts. With approximately 16,000 cell phones discarded every hour in the U.S., we encourage our customers and other wireless customers to give their old phones a second life by recycling them,”said Ralph Reid, Sprint vice president of Corporate Responsibility.

National Cell Phone Recycling Week aligns with Sprint’s mission to reduce the environmental impact of products and services. In March, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse testified in front of Congress and announced another milestone – the launch of Sprint’s expanded wireless buy-back program. Sprint is the only major U.S. wireless carrier to offer in-store financial incentives to consumers for recycling their eligible devices regardless of make, manufacturer or carrier.

To further drive recycling rates, Sprint is launching a video on April 5 entitled “16,000 Phones” that features Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, and providing program updates and statistics via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the Sprint Community site during National Cell Phone Recycling Week. Follow Sprint on Twitter at @SprintGreenNews, hashtag #ecycling, and become a Sprint Facebook fan to join the conversation.

Those of you hanging onto old Treos, now is a good time to dig them out of the drawer and help the environment.


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