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Catching Up: News Round-up

Thu Sep 23, 2010 - 4:51 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

Been off the grid for a week. Here are some of the stories that hit while I was away. -AL

There were quite a few stories about the upcoming webOS 2.0 operating system. The New York Times had an article titled, "A Look at Palm's Latest OS" by Roy Furchgott that talked about how Palm's new webOS 2.0 software development kit gives developers "new tools that let their apps do some very cool things."

> Stacks: For instance, there's a new feature called "Stacks."
Hit browser, a card appears. Keeping with the card theme, related windows will open in a "stack" that looks like a hand of cards that are fanned out. So if someone sends you an e-mail with a link to a Web page, and you open that page from the link, both the e-mail and the Web page will appear in a stack. The idea is to link windows by task, rather than by the application that runs them.

> Exhibition: There is there is a new feature called "exhibition" that opens up the possibility of having more than just a clock on display when the Palm is in the Touchstone charging dock.

> Improved Search: He also made note of how Universal Search has been refined.

John Paczkowski of All Things Digital's Digital Daily did a post mentioning how HP's defacto webOS evangelist Rahul Sood, said "we'll see the first fruits of the HP-Palm union in the year ahead."

"...Over the next 12 months we will see the makings of a new portfolio and the beginning of something great again. There are great things to come that fit multiple types of consumers. Over time you will see the community grow. You will see app developers flock to HP as they jockey for position in the catalog. All of this may sound like a dream but it's completely attainable."

Figuring prominently in that dream, webOS 2.0 --scheduled to be released later this year, and a slate (or "PalmPad") that will run it.

Here's the link the link to a related story.

Comment: Palm needs to get devices to market running this new OS pretty quickly. Both the Palm Pre and Pixi are looking long in the tooth. - AL


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