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Treo 600 Preview

Sun Oct 5, 2003 - 1:00 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Ringtones, Sounds, MP3's, Camera

I have never heard such high quality sound come out from any PDA ever, and that includes Pocket PC’s. I used Pocket-Tunes to play some mp3’s of mine, and everyone sounded like good quality AM radio, or medium FM. For a little PDA, the sound was amazing. Handspring has created an entire new set of ring tones, and the ringer is loud and pure. The Treo 600 comes with standard telephone ring tones, along with many other high quality polyphonic ring tones. The ringing volume was not blindly loud, but it did not seem to be too soft. In contrast, Vibrate mode seemed very weak in intensity. Not only did Handspring make all new ring tones, it redid the system sounds. Instead of a harsh click for example, the system click is a very soft almost inaudible tap. The little things like this made the Treo 600 feel much more refined and sophisticated.

Sound preferences:


Do not buy this phone for it’s camera, or if you do need a camera, make sure to use one of the external SD kind. On my preproduction unit the camera was awful. It would only work in sunlight, or under bright white light. Any incandescent lighting, or in a not so bright environment the camera would make everything blue, or add specks. While the hardware is not very good for real photos, the software controlling the camera is excellent. Pressing the center of the five-way takes the photo, and pressing it again saves it. Options are easily changeable, and the photo manager is easy to use. Sprint Picture mail, or pictures sent by email on the GSM devices are well integrated into the photo app, but I was unable to test it. One of the best things about the Treo 600 is that it syncs real JPG’s back to the computer through its conduit.

Other Camera screenshots, Sample photos (click to see full size)

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