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Treo 600 Preview

Sun Oct 5, 2003 - 1:00 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker


If it didn’t come across above, I loved the Treo 600. I treasured every minute of the six hours I had it for, and I cannot wait to actually get my review unit. The Treo 600 has a great form factor, excellent buttons, a super bright screen (did I mention that the keys are also backlit? Light blue for the keyboard, dark blue for the app buttons), and speed. It is hard to put in words the responsiveness and the speed of the Treo 600. Switching apps is instant, rendering full 200 KB pages in blazer takes less than a second, and downloading them is done at what is about twice 56k speeds. The software is so well integrated in this device, it did not take long for me to pick it up and just figure things out. The speaker they chose makes beautiful sound (for a PDA), and the phone’s battery life is insane. I was unable to test the battery life, but I spent my 6 hours with the phone on one charge. Doug Carey said in his use that the Treo 600 has the second best battery life of any phone he’s ever used (the first going to the Sony Ericsson t68i). The Washington Post in their review of the Treo 600 claims to have gotten SEVEN hours of talk time off the GSM Treo 600.

From everything Handspring has done, it really appears that they listened to their users. I expect to get the GSM review unit sometime this week, and I will have a full review posted about 3 weeks after I get the review unit. Thank you to AlwaysBEthere, and Doug Carey for enabling TreoCentral to do this preview, and thank you to Brian Jaquet of Handspring for fixing me up with all the applications I needed to try out on the Treo 600 before I gave it back the next morning.

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