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Veer is Here and Here is the Deal...

Wed May 18, 2011 - 2:14 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

Looks like people over at HP-Palm have felt our pain and as a result, Sean posted this on the HP webOS Developer blog on Tuesday:

"...We know from reading the blogs and the forums that many of you are asking, basically, where's the big promotional push around the Veer? Why doesn't the store I inquired with have any in stock, or in some cases, know when they're supposed to have them? When can people get one?

We wanted to quickly address these questions. And we are actively getting the word out on other channels to make sure people have the right information about when, where and how they can get the Veer. We know it's particularly relevant to webOS developers that have worked hard and are working hard to optimize their apps for the Veer.

First off, we are making a big push around the Veer and you'll start to see that in the weeks ahead. Of course, we're also making sure sales representatives across our channels are properly trained on all the great things about the Veer. In addition, advertising and demand generation activities will be kicking off later this month, so the Veer will be everywhere.

The post goes on to note the Veer's availability:

> You can order the Veer from AT&T online, Best Buy online (black and white) and HP.com.

> The Veer is also available at select AT&T stores now, rolling out to more stores soon

> Planned availability for Best Buy in-store starting May 22

Guess I'll give Best Buy a try next week to see if I feel better about the experience.


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