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Belkin Treo Accessories

Thu May 2, 2002 - 6:17 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Belkin announced today three new Treo accessories to be available early June.

No pictures are available yet, but the three products are: (from the press release)

"The Belkin USB Sync Charger for Handspring Treo PDAs ($19.99) is an all-inclusive device that allows users to synchronize and charge their Treo handheld with the same cable! Users can conveniently synchronize without a bulky cradle while charging through any powered USB port. As an added bonus, the kit includes a USB cigarette lighter adapter that converts the cable to an auto charger. Highly mobile with a lightweight design, it makes a perfect choice for travelers on the go.

Next, the Belkin Leather Pouch Case for Handspring Treo handhelds ($19.99) provides stylish protection with fine-grain leather. It features a secure Velcro closure with compartments for the handheld and business cards, and a swivel belt clip that keeps the Treo PDA securely attached.

Lastly, Belkin offers the Stylus 3-Pack ($7.99) and a 12-pack of PDA Screen Overlays ($16.99) to round out the line. Belkin stylus instruments are original-equipment quality instruments, made of lightweight but sturdy composite material with sturdy plastic tips for easy navigation. The screen overlays add a clear protective shield to the PDA's most fragile component—the screen! Perfect against wear and grime, each razor-thin sheet reduces glare and affords the user's stylus with a smoother navigating surface while providing a tough layer of protection. The kit includes a cleaning cloth and applicator card. "

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