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Shield Holster for the Treo 650

Sun Jan 23, 2005 - 3:14 PM EST - By James Hromadka


With all the fancy cases available for the Treo, it is good to know that there are still plenty of inexpensive holsters available for users that just want to have their Treo quickly available. The Seidio Shield Holster allows users to comfortable position the Treo on their belt.


The Shield Holster is made of hardened black plastic that feels very sturdy. There is a foam pad to protect the Treo's screen from scratching when it is inside the holster. A small "lip" snaps over the top of the Treo when it is inserted, preventing the device from slipping out. A cutout on the back of the holster near the base of the Treo keeps the spacebar and other keys from accidently being pressed when removing the Treo from the holster.

The nicest feature is the swivel beltclip, which clicks (somewhat loudly) into any of six positions, so you can wear the holster horizontally, vertically, or somewhere inbetween.

Here is a list of Treo parts that are exposed while wearing the holster:
  • Front - N/A since it is against the body
  • Top - Volume switch, SD slot, Infrared port
  • Side - Volume buttons and action button
  • Back - All
  • Bottom - Headphone, HotSync, Mic


    The Shield Holster has a unique design that does a good job of securing the Treo. After the Treo is inserted, the lip prevents the Treo from falling out, even when the case is worn horizontally. Although the Treo is exposed, at least it is the back of the Treo, so its screen is protected. Press the lip back and you can quickly remove the Treo from the case in order to answer a call.

    The only thing that needs to be improved on is the edges of the lip. It has rounded edges, but the part of it that is against the Treo is square, so I found that sometimes it scratched my skin if my arm brushed up against it. This is more of an issue for users that wear the Treo horizontally instead of vertically though. A few moments with a file will take care of the problem. I was worried about the lip wearing the Treo's case, but I have not seen any evidence of this.

    The beltclip rotates 180° and does not move once it clicks into place. It is made of plastic and has a nice, strong spring.

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    > Name Shield Holster
    > Company Seidio
    > Weight 1.3 oz. / 3.8 g.
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