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OtterBox 1900 Case

Tue Mar 29, 2005 - 6:45 PM EST - By James Hromadka


Although most Treos will keep their precious devices within the confines of automobiles and office buildings, sometimes it is necessary to venture outside of suburbia. When I wrote the article, The Treo and You, I had been on a camping trip where Mother Nature reared her ugly head. How I wished I would have brought the OtterBox 1900 with me on that trip so my Treo would not be in danger!


The OtterBox 1900 is unlike any other Treo case I have ever used. This ruggedized case is designed to withstand a four foot drop onto concrete and is waterproof to 3 feet. The case protects the Treo 600 or Treo 650 from dust particles as well.

To install the Treo, undo the four latches on the back and sides of the OtterBox. The top of the case and back then slide easily off, and the Treo is then secured to the front piece using a velcro-adjustable neoprene strap. A plastic shield covers the entire front of the Treo. After the Treo is secure, secure the four latches again to finish.

I highly recommend buying some spare styli to use with this case. The Treo's stylus cannot be accessed while inside the OtterBox, so there is a stylus holder on the front of the OtterBox that you can use. The stylus holder is not very secure, so I can see myself losing one eventually.

Time for a swim

If there is one thing that I love to review, it is ruggedized cases. Call me a sadist, but I love taking a PDA and tossing it across the room or dunking it underwater. So it was with great joy (and some worry for my expense report) that I took a Treo 650 encased in an OtterBox and gave it a proper bath. The first thing I noticed is that the OtterBox floats, so those wishing to take the Treo out on a lake or bay excursion will be in good shape. I suggest tying something to the OtterBox's strap that is brightly colored, as you will never spot this thing on open water.

I chose not to test the limits of the three-foot rule for the OtterBox, and thankfully the goldfish inside the water-trough at my family's farm seemed uninterested in the Treo. When I first dunked the case, I saw water bubbles rising to the surface. Generally this is not a good thing, but it turned out to be escaping air from the lid of the case. My Treo was dry as could be.

There are rubber pieces on the top and bottom of the case, but I do not recommend using them if you want the Treo to be waterproof. Forget using anything on the Treo's top, bottom, or sides while it is in the OtterBox.

Phone Calls

I highly recommend using a Bluetooth headset with the OtterBox 1900. Handset calls are still possible, but the other party may hear echoes because of the plastic covering the earpiece and mic of the Treo. I could hear the other caller fine, although the volume was a little lower. In a pinch though, it will work. This is not a light case (almost twice the weight of the Treo), so long phone conversations without a headset will be a chore.

The Treo's keyboard is recessed about an inch when inside the OtterBox 1900, but I did not have any problems using it, even with the plastic covering. I like the plastic flip lid that provides extra protection for the Treo. It is clear acrylic and stays out of the way while using the Treo.

The OtterBox 1900 has a detachable velcro strap on its back that can be used to secure it to your belt or bag. The loops on the case are wide enough so that you could remove the strap and attach the case directly to your belt for an even more secure fit.

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Product Info
> Name OtterBox 1900
> Company Otter Box
> Weight 11.8 oz. / 33.4 g.
> Waterproof Up to 3 ft.
> Shock Protection Up to 4 ft. on concrete
> Screen Protection Not Needed
> Headset Bluetooth Recommended
> Fact Sheet & User Opinions
> Available
> $99.95

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