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P6 Pouch Case

Mon May 30, 2005 - 9:37 PM EDT - By Douglas Morse


Never a big fan of hip holsters, it is a great pleasure to report that someone has finally got it right. The P6 pouch case for both the Treo 650 and 600 is all the things you want every case to be: sleek, elegant, and full of little surprises that make you go "ooh" and "ah".


The P6 Pouch case rides horizontally on the hip with a flip cover. One of the cool features is how the magnets are implemented for the flip cover. There are two strong magnets in the front of the case and the flap flips down and closes with a satisfying snap. The case is firmly shut, yet easy to flip open. The case is designed so that you can ride with the screen facing towards your body or away – whichever you think is best for your Treo.

The case itself is made of soft black leather with a gray stitching. The case is lined with soft felt and uses a solid clip holster design.


I am a huge fan of every design decision with this case because it is perfect for functionality. The hip holster design makes the encased Treo ride super snugly against the hip. The belt clip is extremely tight and takes a bit of effort to slide around the belt. Ultimately this is beneficial as the case does not slip, slid or threaten to come loose. It does pull off easily enough with a bit of wiggling and because of the svelte nature of the case, it can simply slide into a pocket, purse, what have you. There is no annoying nub to get hung up on anything and no cheesy plastic clip with which to contend.

There are cut outs on the corners to allow the use of headphones. A Bluetooth headset is also an obvious solution. The only drawback with this kind of case is systemic with this any hip clip: once you remove the Treo to use it, there is obviously no protection. However, some enterprising individuals have taken to the notion of combinations cases. For example, it might be possible to use a very thin solution such as e-grips with this case (admittedly I have not tried it and welcome reports of success or failure in the forums).

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