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The Rob Haitani Interview

Wed Jun 22, 2005 - 3:26 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker


On September 3rd, 2004, I asked TreoCentral users "What do you want to ask Rob Haitani of PalmOne?".

Rob Haitani is a Product Design Architect for PalmOne. He joined Palm in 1993, where he was product manager for the original Pilot and designed the UI for the Palm OS. He managed the product group responsible for the Palm III and Palm V. Rob was part of the founding team at Handspring in 1998. He subsequently was responsible for the UI design of the Treo line of smartphones.

Instead of editors simply asking the interview questions, we opened the interview process up to every Treo user. Twenty odd pages of questions were produced in the above thread, and after many months of procrastinating, I finally condensed them in 14 questions covering a broad swath of Treo information. Haitani responded with the answers on the following three pages.

I hope that you enjoy this interview. Many thanks go to Marlene Somsak, VP Corporate Communications, and Rob Haitani for their hard work and participation to get this going.

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