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TreoCentral TreoCast Episode 5

Mon Oct 16, 2006 - 12:34 PM EDT - By Dieter Bohn, Mike Overbo

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Obviously, the "Big News" is that Palm announced the Treo 680 at the Digital Life Conference on Thursday.
TreoCentral already has coverage of the 680, including a hands-on and a commentary. Stay tuned for more!

Google has released Google Maps for PalmOS, which is actually a pretty big deal. Google Maps on PalmOS works really well, you should check it out.

We briefly mention that T-Mobile is finally going to get 3G data speeds in the near future. They've also released their a new smartphone, the Dash.

A new version of Windows Mobile is coming, dubbed "Crossbow." Take a look at some pretty screenshots here

PalmSource is no longer Palmsource – it’s just Access. They've changed their name and gotten themselves a new logo. More info on the name change here. Note, the image to the right isn't the actual new logo - but we thought an albatross hanging from the logo was appropriate. Yes, we're a little mean.

We also mention that Palm is not for sale. Colligan confirmed That they're not interested in selling Palm to anybody. Huzzah!

Also, Fox News used a Treo to break the plane crash news in New York this past week using a specialized streaming video application.

Finally, we wanted to mention that our full review of the 750v is now up. You might also want to check out this great user review in our forums.

Great accessories

Later on in the podcast we mention that there are two great new features to the TreoCentral Store: User reviews on every product and a new Bluetooth Headset Comparison tool. Click "Headset Comparisons" on the store's Bluetooth Headset page to try it out.

TC Guide

We talk a bit about using Bluetooth Stereo headsets. What's required to listen to music on a Bluetooth Stereo headset is a device that supports A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). A large majority of Bluetooth devices do not. The exception, though, is the Treo 750v, which does support it.

Those of you using the 750v are all set - go get yourself a stereo bluetooth headset and listen away. For you PalmOS users, there's Softick Audio Gateway (SAG), a piece of software that allows PalmOS devices to communicate via A2DP. SAG should work with most bluetooth stereo headsets, though it's not guaranteed. We've had success using it with the Jabra BT620 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones as well as the Motorola HT820 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones.

One last note - don't try to use bluetooth stereo to watch videos. There's a slight lag in there that doesn't matter for music but will drive you batty if you try to use it with video.

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Thanks to the TreoCentral Store for sponsoring the TreoCast.

Music comes from ccMixter.org, a great Creative Commons music site. Our specific music is the following:

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