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Treo 680 Photo Gallery

Tue Oct 17, 2006 - 11:15 AM EDT - By Dieter Bohn, Michael Ducker, Marcus Adolfsson


On Saturday I said that the Treo 680 "has the shiny," and here's some more proof, a photo gallery of images taken at the Digital Life conference.

There's a lot of reaction in the Treo 680 forum here at TreoCentral. Many were hoping for a more souped-up Treo, but just as many expect that it will be successful anyway.

IMG_3311 IMG_3341 IMG_3342
IMG_3349 IMG_3337 IMG_3336
IMG_3338 IMG_3358 IMG_3363
IMG_3364 IMG_3357 IMG_3354
IMG_3334 IMG_3365

In related news, Palm has chosen Y&R as their new ad agency. Notable, I think, because marketing is going to play such a huge role in whether or not the 680 is a success.

If Y&R can make ads for the Treo as cool as the one they made for Carlton Draught (embedded below) then I'm hopeful. :D

Y&R's site here.

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