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Treo 90 shipping, available in stores

Wed Jun 5, 2002 - 12:09 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

Handspring’s new Treo 90 is making its way into consumer’s hands. Readers are reporting on our discussion boards that they are receiving their online orders from Handspring.com, and Staples stores around the country have the unit in stock.

TreoCentral reader Charlie (charlynu) in New York got a chance to test the unit at Staples, a wrote some comments on the Treo 90s screen:

"I had a few moments to ask the Staples people at their store at Park Avenue and 56th Street in Manhattan to open the box and let me play around with a Treo 90. Didn't get much of a chance to put the unit through its paces, but what I feared would be its biggest disappointment; namely its STN screen, wasn't a disappointment at all. The screen was very sharp, decently bright and with decent color saturation. Can't compare to the recent Clie models for resolution and color depth - but not too shabby."

Unfortunately, Charlie reports that there might be some problems with unevenness in production quality. "I was disappointed to note that one unit had a much brighter patch in its upper right-hand corner than did the other unit that I sampled."

Compared to Palm130, Charlie feels that Treo 90’s screen is about equivalent. "Both have that ‘bluish’ whiteness to their home screen background coloring and the Treo does have more evident black gridlines than does the M130 (they're almost imperceptible on the M130) - however the Treo seems a bit less ‘bluish’ and somewhat brighter."

Charlie also got a chance to test the Treo 90’s screen outside: "Unless the unit is held so that the sunlight shines directly onto what I understand is the backlit transflective screen, the screen washes out very badly with an almost detail-erasing greenish cast."

TreoCentral reader dampeoples summarizes his thoughts of the Treo 90:

- It's superlight
- It's supersmall
- It's gona take getting used to the keyboard
- It's bright, but not Prism bright
- I already miss the Prism colors
- The type seems smaller than the Prism, but still easy to read
- Decent outdoor viewability
- Stylus is hard to get out
- It's OK, I like it

Another reader, Glmark, shares his experience: "I've only had it a few hours but do like it. It is small and light. The keyboard takes a little getting used to, the option key is where I think the shift key should be and it takes 4 keystrokes to get an ampersand & which I used to use a lot. I think the screen is pretty good, the only color screen I've used previously has been a Jornada 680 which seemed brighter, but then again I haven't played with the controls much yet. I do find myself using the stylus quite a bit but have begun to discover shortcuts to moving around without it. Nice stylus, much better than the Visor Deluxe. No complaints yet, I just need to change some old habits."

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