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TreoCentral TreoCast Episode 13

Mon Feb 19, 2007 - 11:27 AM EST - By Dieter Bohn, Mike Overbo

For 19 February, 2007

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  1. 3GSM conference
    1. Windows Mobile 6 OS
    2. New WM6 Devices
    3. Palm 750 to be updated to WM6
    4. Access Demos ALP
  2. Treo 680 Color HiJinks
  3. PalmOS Security Flawed, but Palm's not going to fix it?!
  4. Treo 750 available unlocked in Europe
  5. Hawkin's Numenta brain startup
  6. WMExperts, TreoCentral's Windows Mobile-focused sister site, is live! They're running a great contest you'll want to check out as well! Contest details here

Great accessories

  1. The JawBone Bluetooth headset has what we think is the best darn noise cancellation technology we've ever used. As corny as it sounds to say, supplies really are limitied right now!
  2. New GPS comparison Tool
  3. Kinoma Media Player has been recently updated, check out the review here, or purchase it in our software store

TC Guide

Our TCGuide this week comes from an excellent TreoCentral Wiki article by user tomvb2000 about managing memory on PalmOS Treos. We break it down a bit in the podcast, but for the full skinny check out the wiki.

TreoCentral Community

  1. 4Smartphone Issues
  2. I hate my Treo
  3. Fast Mode Blazer for 650


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