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TreoCentral TreoCast Episode 24

Mon Jul 23, 2007 - 7:49 AM EDT - By Dieter Bohn, Mike Overbo

For July 23rd, 2007

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  • Hawkins believes in the Foleo and proves it by posting another video about it. The rumored release date for the Foleo is August 22nd.
  • Treo 750 Audio Alert Update. This fixes the "no ring" problem with 750s. We still don't have any information on when we'll be getting the promised Windows Mobile 6 update. I'm getting a few emails a week from readers asking if I have inside info. Merlyn, Rick, hi guys. Sorry, no inside info.
  • 700p MR for Verizon. Take a look at the community section, below, for details about network connectivity issues.
  • Verizon 700wx Updater - Adds A2DP and DUN.
  • Verizon 755p photos. Thanks to David for the tip. In other Treo rumors, no real new signs of the Gandolf.
  • Future 3g Treos: safe Verizon has settled with Broadcom rather than risk not being able to import EVDO chips.
  • FakeCall - a great way to escape a meeting.
  • Windows Live Search v2 - Adds movies as well as route recalculation.


SPE UltraSlim Holster - Now with beltclippy goodness Blueant V12 Bluetooth Headset - Every bluetooth headset feature except the kitchen sink. OnCourse 6 for WM - Intriguing new GPS software comes pre-loaded on a mini-SD card. Watch WMExperts in the next couple weeks for a review.


Anton writes in with a bunch of Foleo questions. The best answer we have - check out Sneak Peek Week, a great thread where wlmoore puts up a list of things he'd like people to do if they're anywhere near a foleo sneak peek. check that thread for a lot of answers. But briefly we'll address one or two.

Ken writes in to ask about the best way to get push email on a Windows-based Treo. Our suggestion is to go ahead and get a free or for-pay Exchange server service. We use 1and1 and are very happy with it.

Cris asks about Yahoo Go on on Windows Mobile. Sadly, it's not available for the Treo - Yahoo went "back to formula" on the beta. We do expect it should be available soon.

Rob asks about the 700p MR for Verizon, specifically about the issue of whether or not it seems to be causing network connectivity issues. Sadly, it looks like it is: Network keeps disconnecting after MR?

A couple more good threads:

Oh, and thanks to everybody who voted for our podcast in the PalmAddicts 2007 Reader Awards Poll!


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