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TreoCentral TreoCast Episode 29

Tue Oct 2, 2007 - 9:34 AM EDT - By Dieter Bohn, Mike Overbo

For October 2nd, 2007

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(Note: Some of the below were cut out for time)


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To Scott:

We have no freaking idea when Palm is going to release anything on Verizon. We strongly suspect Verizon and T-Mobile were gossiping about Palm at their last slumber party and Sprint heard and then told Palm, so now Palm and Verizon aren't BFF anymore.

To Elijah:

Elijah, you asked why we don't do more How To stuff and we answer: because we're forgetful. No more!

"Do you know of anything that will let me upload pics to an online album AND let me then send an email link to whoever I want to see it all from my Treo?"

Yeouch. We're not aware of a single app that would do both of those things for you directly from the Treo. However, there are several solutions for uploading pics; there are also several solutions for getting email alerts out to your friends and family after the upload. Let's take it in two steps

Step One: photoblogging

We basically like two options. Option one is to start up a Vox Blog. Vox is nice because it lets you set privacy settings on blog posts very easily. It's also nice because it comes with a mobile blogging client (which they purchased from SplashData) called Vox Mobile. It's an easy way to upload photos to a blog, but it only works on Vox.

The option that we actually like best is to just use Flickr. Flickr is great because you can just *email* your photos to a specialized email address to post them up on Flickr. We also like Flickr because Flickr makes it dead-simple to share your photos on other sites -- more on that below.

Step Two: Emailing alerts

The hassle here is twofold: The first is that there isn't an easy way to automatically send out email blasts about your new photo directly from your Treo. The second is that most sites have moved away from providing email alerts directly, instead most use RSS, a common standard for providing updates to RSS readers like Firefox, Google Reader, NetNewsWire, etc. However, there are a couple of services for converting RSS to email alerts automatically. Of the ones I could find, looks the best; there is also You could set up the emails you'd like alerted there, or perhaps just set yourself up, then forward the email from your Treo once you receive it.

That's our best shot at answering this question, Elijah, but I could really use some input from the community here. I'll post up a thread for the TreoCast in the forum and see if the TreoCentral community has better ideas. I strongly suspect they do.

Anything out there to run multiple construction schedules that can sync between palms and pcs?

Ah, multiple calendars, that's always been a hassle for people. Some people are reporting success using GooSync, which lets you set up multiple Google calendars and sync them to your device. If you're looking for somthing that's a bit more customizable, check out ClearSync (formerly wesync). It takes a bit of configuration, but it should do the job.

Again, more help from the PalmOS experts out there would really be appreciated!


As I mentioned at the end of the podcast, this is two podcasts in a row that we've run long. What do you think of that? Do you like our half-hour target, or is longer better? Let us know!

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