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2005 Treo Holiday Guide

Mon Nov 28, 2005 - 2:52 PM EST - By James Hromadka


Ah the holidays. Long lines, loud kids, and cranky parents´┐Żit's enough to make you not even want to go out shopping. I have never liked shopping anyway, so being able to buy presents online is a godsend. If you are shopping for a Treo user this holiday season, below are products that I recommend. Unless otherwise noted, I have personally used all of the products below and personally recommend them for any Treo 650 user.


There is a lot of variety in carrying cases. They can be worn on the belt, kept in a purse, or be a second skin for the Treo. One of the most popular cases is the P6 Pouch Case ($19.95) [Review | Buy]. The P6 is worn horizontally on the belt and uses magnetic snaps to keep the Treo securely inside the case.

For those wanting simple protection that doesn't add a lot of bulk to the Treo, one of my favorite cases is the S650 Skin Case ($19.95) [Review | Buy]. It weighs practically nothing, provides access to all of the Treo's functions, and several colors are available for it. This case is good for someone planning to keep their Treo in a pocket or purse.

If money is no object, the Vaja T65 case ($99.95) [Review | Buy] is the best case that money can buy, and it is also the best case that I have ever used. Solidly constructed using high-quality Argentinian leather, the T65 sets the standard for form-fit cases that no other has achieved thus far. Its beltclip is also good and easy to connect/disconnect from the Treo. This is the perfect gift for the business professional in your life.

If you are looking for a simple holster for the Treo, the Seidio Shield Holster ($27.95) [Review | Buy] has a small "lip" that keeps the Treo secure yet allows for one-handed removal. The swivel beltclip locks into place so the Shield Holster can be worn on the belt vertically, horizontally, or somewhere in between.


One of the most popular headsets is the Palm Compact Wireless Headset ($59.95) [Review | Buy]. While I have not personally used it, there is no denying its ability to be charged with the Treo's AC adapter is a big plus for the headset. The headset also comes with international plugs, making this headset a great bargain for those that will also need travel plugs for the Treo 650.

My favorite headset is the Sony Ericsson HBH-662 Headset ($84.95) [Review | Buy]. Its LCD display means never wondering if the headset is low on battery life, and it is one of the few headsets that callers did not complain about having trouble hearing me clearly.

If you want a corded headset that also allows you to listen to music, the Seidio Retractable 2-in-1 Headphones ($29.95-37.95) [Article | Buy] is available as earbuds, backphones, and over the ear headphones and is one of the few corded headsets that allows one to press a button to answer/disconnect calls. Audio quality is good, and there is a volume control knob on the headset as well. I used them on a ski trip and was pleased with how I could listen to music, take a call, then quickly return to my music.

Stocking Stuffers

Not sure what to get or looking for an inexpensive gift? You can't go wrong with Screen Protectors ($15.95) [Buy] for a Treo. It protects a Treo 650 or 600 from scratches and reduces glare.

Worried about losing the stylus? Worry no more with a Pacific Rim Pen Stylus (3-pack $14.95) [Review | Buy]. The top can be removed, revealing a pen that can be used in a pinch. You get a pack of 3 styli, so no worrying about losing one.

Know a Treo 650 user that complains about having to take off the battery cover in order to reset the device? The Seidio Replacement Battery Cover ($9.95) [Review | Buy] lets you use the Treo's stylus to press the reset button inside the Treo.

Happy Holidays!

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