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Fact Sheet & User Opinions

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Size 2.3" W x 4.4" H (excluding antenna) x 0.9" D

Camera 1.3 MP

Bluetooth Version 1.2

Wireless 800/1900 Mhz EVDO, 1xRTT

Screen 320x320, 16 bit TFT Color

Memory 128 MB (60 MB available)

Processor Intel XScale 312 Mhz

Operating System Palm OS Garnet 5.4.9

Weight 6.4 Ounces

Availability Available

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  60% Thumbs Down 40%

Would you recommend Treo 700p ?

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Thumbs Down

Not Bad, Not Great
Phone picks up too much ambient sound. To get the features that make the phone/palm really something costs to much (e.g. Ringo, 30 bucks for a feature that should have come with the phone. Internet? Mobile websites are increasing but many nonprofit sites don't have the resources to have a parallel website for phones. So, iPhone is what I recommend. Mac has raised the bar very high.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Bad phone
what a bad phone. I cant believe I wasteed my money on this thing. the camera sucks, the phone part sucks (always crashing, always dialing voicemail, a number you don't want etc) the email is awful too. Even verizon wireless sync is bad- I had a problem the other day where email wasn't getting forwaded any more so I called and they had to erase my whole account to fix it, so I lost whatever I hadn't backed up to my computer. So much for a backup system. Most annoying feature- you hit several buttons, and nothing happens at all. you try to go back "home" to start over, and eventually you try all the buttons because its not doing anything at all- then- BANG it executes all the commands you gave it at one time either dialing some number, bringing you somewhere you didn't want to go or totally crashing the phone. what garbage. You just can't count on it as a phone.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Everything about this phone is a disappointment. Do not waste your money on Palm. As soon as my contract is up, its iPhone for me. The device crashes several times a week, it has been replaced twice, same problem. The phone is beyond unreliable. The first analog cell phones that existed 15 years ago were better and more reliable than this. What a waste of time and money. Everything it sets out to do is noble, but it falls short in EVERY category EXCEPT its calendar, which of course is Palm's strength and history. But what good is that if the phone doesn't work?
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

its' tough for me to trash talk a palm, because i love the way it's organized....and i've used palm products for years, but as a phone it sucks. it freezes....drops calls and then calls voicemail over and over (not sure why)...and the doozy of all is it sometimes dials numbers randomly and treats people to 5 minutes of my life. that is unsat. i've even turned the phone off and activated the code lock to prevent that, but unbelievably the phone has turned itself on and apparently enough time had not elapsed since my last call for code lock to engage so it dialed a number while in its pouch. this is unacceptable and i'm seriously considering just buying another phone before my upgrade option
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

maybe the worst phone I have ever had
This phone has been replaced by Treo so many times that I have lost count (#8 was a long time ago). The only good thing about it is that it breaks so fast, it is still under warranty, and I can get it replaced quickly. While I love the feature where you press a button three times and nothing happens, followed by it then leaping into action and doing three things at once, my all time favorite is the endless reboot cycle that is not even fixed by wiping the thing clean. A special mention for the tech support who's one and only solution for any and all probelms is to restore to factory settings, and the on board email system that is quite possibly the worst piece of programming since Windows 98ME.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Love my 700p and the Palm OS
I could not live without my Treo. I keep everything on there. And use the WiFi service now. I still use Jot and the handwriting on touchscreen - I can't understand why so few people go for that!
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

I love to hate it
This is my second treo 700p in 2 weeks... If it was a car it would crash every day
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

650 much better
my 650 broke, the 700p freezes up, needs more reboots and in general is substandard compared to the great 650 I owned. I would like to downgrade.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Best Phone I have Ever Had!!
Since the 700P Update was applied, this phone has been nothing short of fantastic! The Bluetooth functionality has improved greatly and it seem to be working pretty flawlessly. It handles about 4,000 minutes a month and is now holding over 5,000 contacts.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

650 died, bought 700p Hate It
My 650 died. The 700p's battery life is 1/3 less, the screen is less responsive, bluetooth is not as efficient and the 700p crashes 500% more than the 650. Could this be a lemon and do I have any recourse with Verizon or Treo?
by Anonymous

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