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Palm's Treo 750 is Official

Sun Jan 7, 2007 - 6:22 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


Palm has started out the year 2007 with a bang by giving us a great, new edition to the Treo family. We began hearing about this sweet device soon after the Treo 750v arrived in Europe and the Treo 680 was announced here.

Well, the Palm Treo 750 has just arrived! Palm, along with Cingular Wireless has announced the new Palm Treo 750. The Treo 750 is the first Treo on the Cingular 3G network and the first Windows Mobile Treo for the Cingular network. The 750 is five-band world phone. Although the 750 appears similar to the Treo 680 with its slim and sleek antennaless look, the Treo 750 is a 3G device with simultaneous voice and data, and uses Cingular's UMTS network to deliver wireless broadband speeds to customers in more than 160 markets domestically. The 750 is a tri-band UMTS phone device that supports 850/1900/2100 coverage, and is also a quadband Edge device which means that it provides an international Edge experience.

The Treo 750 runs Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition with Direct Push technology. The 750 has the same Palm hallmark ease of use or "Zen of Palm" that Palm users have come to know and expect over the years. So here we have a Palm device that runs WM5 and is going to be easy to use, plus provide a top notch phone experience with Cingular's fast 3G/UMTS BroadbandConnect service.

One of the many Cingular certified data applications that Treo 750 users will have access to is the TeleNav GPS Navigator (sold separately). With the TeleNav GPS Navigator, users can get turn by turn voice and onscreen GPS directions directly on the Treo 750 for use when driving or walking. An external GPS receiver is available at cingular for less than $100.

Note: Harv Laser recently did a great review of the TeleNav GPS Navigator.

A Treo for Business

The Palm Treo 750 was specifically designed for business customers like the business executive and the IT department decision maker. Traveling business executives will appreciate the 750's international Edge experience. Tara Griffin, Vice President, Palm's business with Cingular Wireless says:

There is definately a race to mobility. The race is being driven by end users who demand anytime, anywhere access to corporate information as well as anytime, anywhere access to computing capabilities.

Together with Cingular Wireless, we are delivering a powerful, all-in-one business tool that offers excellent voice and data capabilities with quick access to desktop information such as email, files and other business applications -- all this with the Palm experience that makes customersÂ’ lives easier and more productive.

Business customers will be happy to know that the Treo 750 offers a choice of compatible, out-of-the-box email solutions such as Cingular Xpress Mail, push email with Direct Push technology and Good Mobile Messaging, and push email for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 with global address lookup and remote and local device wipe. There is a whole range of business applications that comes with the Treo 750.

The Treo 750 provides fast and easy access to corporate and personal email accounts like AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and other POP3 or IMAP accounts with Cingular Xpress Mail.

With the Treo 750, business users will be able to access other corporate email servers such as Domino/Notes or GoupWise, using third-party solutions such as Good Mobile Messaging. The Treo 750's easy-type keyboard and integrated five-way navigator makes messaging easy.

There is a faster web browser that provides for rapid email and attachment downloading, and quick access to corporate databases and business applications

Windows Mobile 5.0 Advantages

Yep, the Palm Treo 750 is Cingular's first Windows Mobile Treo. This should certainly help to expand Cingular's customer base. Because of the fact that some companies are Windows only, those companies haven't previously been interested in the Treo because there wasn't a Windows Treo offered on the Cingular network.

Let's look at some of the advantages of Windows Mobile 5.0 on the Palm Treo 750. As mentioned earlier, the Treo 750 is a Pocket PC Phone Edition. The 750 has a touch screen unlike the well-known Motorola Q and the BlackJack, which are both Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone Edition devices. Having the touchscreen and being able to use a stylus is important when surfing the web. That's because it gives you the ability to click wherever you want to go. One of the key features of the touchscreen is the ability to copy and paste when you're in a word document. You can cut and paste something from the web and send it in an email.

Some of the other advantages of having Windows Mobile 5.0 are:

  • Built-in viewers and editors: Ability to view and edit Microsoft word Mobile and Excel Mobile files, and view PowerPoint Mobile and PDF files

  • Software applications: Thousands of apps available for Pocket PC Phone Edition, ranging from healthcare to CRM

  • Saving: Ability to save images and sounds from a website

  • Search: Ability to search for names/documents

  • Today screen enhancements: Ability to "dial by name", web search, one-touch dialing with photo speed dials, and call management

  • Voicemail on-screen, VCR-like icons: Such as rewind, delete, and fast forward controls for easy navigation

  • Ignore with text message: If there is an incoming call while you're in a meeting, you can click "Ignore with text" and send a quick message back to the person and let them know that you're in a meeting and will call them back.

  • New Messaging application: Adds threaded Chat and single inbox for messaging

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