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Treo 800w coming to Sprint in July?

Fri Mar 28, 2008 - 10:47 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Update: After reading Engadget Mobile's article on Windows Mobile 6.1 device upgrades the other day, it looks as if the rumor of the Treo 800w coming to Sprint in July looks to be more and more believable.

According to the article, among the devices on the upgrade list is this: Sprint: A new Palm Treo

As we reported recently, during Palm's conference call on March 20th, Ed Colligan stated that they're also increasing their Windows Mobile efforts, and said that Palm was expecting to refresh their WM product line before the end of the summer with exciting new products.

So it sure sounds to me like Sprint could possibly carry the Treo 800w loaded with Windows Mobile 6.1. I certainly hope so anyway!

For a sweet little taste of Windows Mobile 6.1, go check out Dieter's "Hands-On" video in which he demonstrates Windows Mobile 6.1 on a BlackJack II.

Our sister site WMExperts got some juicy rumor info from forum member Vyruz Reaper via SprintUsers. It looks to be the release chart for upcoming Sprint devices and as you can see, the Treo 800w is listed there for a July release.

Rumored Features:

  • WM 6.0
  • EvDO Rev A
  • WiFi
  • Autonomous GPS
  • Camera & non-camera versions

Even though WM 6.1 doesn't look to be there, Malatesta from WMExperts mentions that the date of the chart, according to the source, is February 19th, so this might not be the latest information.

Dieter has some interesting information on WM 6.1 so go check it out.

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