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Rumor: Test Man Sunseted?
Interview in The Atlantic triggers discussion...

Palm for Sale?
"Yes," says Bloomberg. Stock up again on Monday...

Collecting 'em All... Talk about a Verizon Treo Pro
Pictures prompt curiosity...

Price Drop Ahead for Sprint's Palm Smartphones?
Sister site notes Centros and Treos can be had for less through "indirect partners."

Breaking News: Apple drops Palm OS HotSync conduit from Snow Leopard
Third party sync software required if still using Palm OS devices.

Palm Rumor Update...
July was a buzzworthy month for Palm, Inc. Here are some of the rumors being kicked around.

Treo 800w Coming to Verizon? Believe it or Not...
Lots of rumbling about handsets in Verizon's pipeline.

Palm Eos to Replace the Centro? (Update: Pixie too!)
A new Palm webOS device has leaked out today: the Palm Eos. Update: Pixie too!

A Strange Palm Delay Story
The Commercial Times has a story saying a Palm device will be delayed. What device are they referring to? It's a mystery

New Palm Smartphone to be a 'Vertical Slider,' More Details
We now know what the new Palm Smartphone form factor will be.

Mystery Device Prototype Reveals as Compal Tabasco, Could Still Become a Palm
More details have emerged on the rumored 'Roteo' Device -- it's made by Compal, and it's codenamed 'Tabasco.'

CES Unveiling Almost Definitely Nova, May Include Device!
A new article at Business Week today seems to confirm that the "Palm New-ness" will be their Next-Gen OS

Sprint Treo Pro Likely to Hit January 25th, Treo 800w EOL?
Some internal Sprint info confirms what we've long suspected: the Sprint Treo Pro is coming in January

Future Treo Prototype Surfaces? The Roteo?
A photo of a swiveling smartphone with a decidedly Palm-type keyboard has just surfaced. Is it the Linux-based Smartphone? A new Windows Mobile form-factor?

Treo Pro Coming to Sprint? Sure Looks That Way!
WMExperts has spotted the Treo Pro listed in the device selector on Sprint's website!

Palm Treo Pro Leaks Around the Web
As you've no doubt seen, Palm is working on a new Windows Mobile Treo, rumored to be called the Treo Pro

Palm Hires Sidekick and Helio Designer for Nova
Sidekick and Helio desinger Matias Duarte has been hired by Palm to design Nova

Minor Updates Coming to the Verizon Treo 755p and the Sprint Centro
Leaked documents show that Palm will be updating the Sprint Centro and the Verizon Treo 755p with some bugfixes. Read on for the details.

Verizon Centro $199.99 on June 13?
A couple of our TreoCentral forum members have purchased a Verizon Centro over the phone.

More Signs of the Upcoming Verizon Centro
Looks like the Verizon Centro is just around the corner according to some rumblings in our TreoCentral forums...

Sprint Treo 755p EOL'd? Update: Nope!
We got confirmation from Sprint letting us know that the Sprint 755p has NOT been EOL'd. Read on...

A Verizon Centro on the Horizon?
There's some rumblings in the forums about whether or not Verizon will offer a Centro

All AT&T smartphones to be 3G within months -- including iPhone and Centro?
Engadget Mobile is reporting that all of AT&T's smartphones could be 3G within months

New Centro Colors Coming?
I just read via Palm Infocenter that they've spotted some new colors that might be coming to the Palm Centro color palette.

GSM Centro Spotted on Dutch Webshop
A Dutch web store is displaying a GSM Centro for 279 Euro

Exclusive: We Spotted a White GSM Centro!
We were walking the show floor at CES 2008 and what do you know - a GSM Centro -- in white! More inside.

Palm "Wanda" to Follow the Treo 500v
Looks like we have another Palm Treo successor; the Palm Wanda which will be following up the Treo 500v

Palm to release "Drucker" - Possibly the Treo 850v
Hmmm, it would seem that our TreoCentral 2008 predictions on the upcoming Treo 800 model were on the money....

TreoCentral's 2008 Predictions
We saw what Palm accomplished - and failed to accomplish - in 2007. Let's put our finger to the wind, our ear to the ground, and ourselves on the line as we predict what Palm will be able to do in 2008.

Is the Treo 800w Coming Soon?
A new leaked image gives hope to Treo users waiting for the "Mercedes of Treos" - the Treo 800w for Sprint.

Treo 680 and 750 Updates Coming on ATT
An internal AT&T presentation shows new features for both Treos. The 750 will get Windows Mobile 6, the 680 will get Push To Talk, among other enhancements.

Treo 755p Coming to Verizon?
There's a rumor floating around that Verizon could be getting the Treo 755p next month.

Palm Centro Coming to GSM
We have our second spy shot of a Palm Centro that appears to have a GSM radio inside - how long until it arrives on AT&T?

Palm Treo 500 Image Surfaces
In what appears to be confirmation of earlier speculation about the Palm Gandolf, a new image has appeared of the Palm Treo 500. Read on.

What's Coming Sept. 12th? Update: Probably the device codenamed Gandolf
Update 2: Oops again! It's *NOT* the Centro. More inside. Over the weekend Palm Europe posted a teaser page: A new smartphone is coming Sept 12th. What is it going to be?

New Palm Centro Image Leaked
Another day, another leak. This time we have a nice, non-blurry (and non-white!) image of the Centro, plus some other details.

Palm Foleo Delayed Until October? Nope.
Update: Palm responds - They still expect a summer release. An analyst for Deutsche Bank is saying that the Palm Foleo will be delayed until October because of persistent bugs in the sync software.

Update: Verizon 700p MR Available Online
The Maintenance Release is now available at Palm's website.

The "3rd Category" Device is Coming. What Will it Be?
Tomorrow, the man behind the Palm Pilot and the Treo, Jeff Hawkins, will introduce a "new category" of mobile devices that isn't a PDA and isn't a smartphone. Read on for some Patent-fortified speculation and unabashed dreaming.

PDA -> Smartphone -> ???
Ed Colligan has recently confirmed that Jeff Hawkins, one of the creators of the Treo, is still working on his "new kind of mobile device" and it should be released next year.

Sprint Treo 650 firmware update next week?
A Sprint Treo 650 firmware update that will address audio quality issues and memory efficiency may be available next week.

Cingular Treo 650 launch delayed?
Early information indicated that the Treo 650 for Cingular was going to be released tomorrow, but it appears the launch has been delayed a week.

Treo 650 for Cingular just days away
TreoCentral has learned that Cingular will likely release the Treo 650 on January 26th, for $549.99 without a contract and $449.99 with a two-year contract. Immediate availability.

Confirmation of Cingular release?
palmOne recently sent out a Health Care Solutions newsletter in which the Treo 650 for Cingular was featured.

Cingular Treo 650 by Month's End?
A rebate form on the company's website spills the goods.

650 pops up on AT&T
AT&T Wireless now lists the Treo 650 as coming soon on its website. The model, as predicted is colored AT&T Wireless blue.

Skype for Treo
ABC News, in coverage of DEMOmobile 2004, notes that Skype will release a Palm OS version of its popular VoIP application this October.

HTC Manufacturing Treo Ace?
DigiTimes is reporting that HTC is manufacturing, and shipping a new PDA phone model to PalmOne this month, with full production starting in October.

Cingular acquisition of AT&T Wireless two months away
Earlier than expected, Cingular may gain government approval of its acquisition in as little as two months.

Vonage VoIP on Treo?
engadget is reporting that Vonage has a working VoIP client for future Palm OS handhelds, like the next Treo.

Verizon Treo sold, shipped
Many users are reporting success in purchasing a Verizon Treo 600 through business channels today, some even have received FedEx tracking numbers for overnight shipping of their units.

Verizon Treo on the 12th
Verizon will launch the Treo 600 in their business channels this Monday, July 12th. One week later, July 19th, the Verizon Treo 600 will launch nationwide in retail.

Camera-Less Treo 600 Available through Sprint
Reports indicate that a camera-less version of the Treo 600 is now available through Sprint's business channels.

Verizon launch imminent
Verizon tests the waters with a teaser of the Treo 600 on its website.

WMA on Treo
Pocket Tunes will soon support the WMA format, says cofounder Tim Norman.

Treo 600 Now Available on AT&T?
AT&T wireless briefly had the Treo 600 featured on their website today; a direct link to order still works.

T-Mobile Treo 600 available next week?
Several readers have received information from T-Mobile CSR's indicating that the Treo 600 will be available this coming Monday.

Treo 600 Accessories
A European Handspring distributor has a page with all of Handspring's Treo 600 accessories listed, including an external keyboard. MobilePlanet has the same list but in US prices.

Microsoft to steal Handsprings thunder?
Microsoft and Motorola announced today the new MPx200 smartphone, running Windows Mobile software. Handspring is rumored to release the Treo 600 later this week.

Treo 600 released in UK
YET AGAIN Orange and Handspring released the Treo 600 today, but will not be shipping until October.

FCC Approval for Treo 600
The FCC has approved both the GSM and CDMA Treo 600's; now also available on the FCC site are the test results and internal photographs.

Treo 600 shown in Dallas
Now with photo, rendering, and sketches! Smaller, more feature riche, and faster summarizes up the new Treo 600.

Treo "2" shown at conference
Attendees to the pricey "D: All Things Digital" conference will get a sneak peak at the second generation Treo.

Rumor: Battery Sled
Yet another accessory from our recent poll is breaking into the market

Cingular GPRS imminent?
Handspring mentions Cingular GPRS availability in their latest newsletter, but nothing on their site yet.

TreoBerry a Possibility?
Ed Colligan makes comments that could tie Handspring and RIM together in the future

Treo 300 information at FCC
FCC has finally posted documents related to the Treo 300ís approval process. NEW! Photos of the Treo 300 are now available.

Treo 300 in July
According to Fortune Magazine, the Sprint CDMA Treo will be out in July.

WSJ: Treo 270, Treo 90 out next week
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Treo 270 and Treo 90 will be introduced next week.

Treo 90 unleashed
Rumor: Take the wireless out of a Treo 270, end up with a Treo 90.


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