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Palm Zeppelin and Skywriter enter launch process

Wed May 7, 2008 - 11:24 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


TamsPPC is reporting that a Palm insider has given them access to information that definitely and finally confirms the existance of two Palm devices currently named Zeppelin and Skywriter. Gotta love those codenames!

TamsPPC has a document that covers a developer program that allows Palm's favorite developers to make their applications ready for the two new devices and maybe even co-market them with Palm. All the applications have to be submitted by May 30th, so this could point to a launch of the devices in Q3 2008.

And of course we already knew that the beta program included the Zeppelin, which we know is the Treo 800w.

The pic seen here is a mock-up of the devices.

TamsPPC says that unconfirmed sighting reports from another Palm insider have confirmed the existance of a "Centrolike" WM device.

it could be very well possible that Skywriter is this box. Alternatively, it could also be a WM6.1 version of the Treo 500 - no further information on the devices is currently available¬Ö

Skywriter? Hmmmm, could that be the elusive Drucker? It very well could be!

You can read the full article at TamsPPC and see the document about the developer program too!

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