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More Signs of the Upcoming Verizon Centro

Thu May 29, 2008 - 6:01 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Update: Engadget Mobile has posted a picture of a Verizon Centro dummy that was spotted at a Circuit City store recently. Definitely signs that the Centro launch on Verizon is quickly approaching. Of course some of our own TreoCentral forum members had already spotted a Verizon Centro dummy at a Verizon location as mentioned below.

We reported on some clues of the approaching Verizon Centro back in April. Engadget Mobile had reported that the Centro would launch on Verizon "in the tail end of May or the beginning of June". Well, it looks like that's a very strong possibility according to some info we received and some snippets in a Centro thread in our forums.

Forum member Miles4000 wrote in and let me know that he'd checked out VZW today and saw a whole lot of Centro accessories listed, including the $39.99 (online price) Standard Battery. The battery is listed as being a 1600 mAh. Miles also posted this information in the Centro forums, and forum member floridatony replied:

Where did you find the 1600mAh battery for the Centro. I found where Verizon will be selling a standard battery for $39.99 but no mention of 1600mAh. The battery that came with my Centro is 1150mAh. If they are making a 1600mAh standard size, it will be a big seller. Let us know.

Another interesting post in this thread came from forum member seanandcara last week:

I believe the June 1st date is probably correct. Here's why:
My wife and I were at the local Verizon company store this afternoon, looking at their selection of smartphones. While looking at the Treo 755p, the rep asked "Want to see the new Palm phone that's coming out?" He proceeded to bring out a "dummy" Centro with same color and markings as the Engadget pictures recently released. He said that when they receive the mock-ups, the phone is usually released a week or two later (they received it in this week).

And forum member cheesehead007 responded to that post today with:

I can confirm the above post, as I handled a blue Verizon Centro mockup/dummy phone at a Circuit City VZW kiosk on my lunch hour today. Shouldn't be long now...

cheesehead007 said that when he asked someone at the store when the Verizon Centro was coming, the person just said that it's "coming soon". Forum member hkklife posted on Wednesday:

I've heard "late June to early July" from a few local reps. I do know that the 755p has been in increasingly short supply and hasn't even been on display in some of the smaller local VZW corporate stores & kiosks I've seen lately.

Very interesting! Well, I hope that it'll be early June because I want those on Verizon to start enjoying the Centro soon! I love mine and find it to be one of the best Palm smartphones I've used. It's the perfect size and I love the design. Let's all cross our fingers that the Centro will launch on Verizon any day now. I'd sure like to have that pretty Blue Centro. I just don't know if I'd want to have to wait quite that long though. I love my Black Centro, but Blue would be awesome. ;-)

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