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More Sprint Treo 800w Info

Thu Jun 5, 2008 - 10:17 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


WMExperts is reporting via the Sprint Users Forum that the Treo 800w will launch on Spring on Sunday, July 13th.

The rumored price of the Treo 800w is $249.99, (with instant savings and a mail-in-rebate).

And word has it that the battery is going to be the same size as the Palm Centro, 1150mAh. Not that great of a battery for a WM device in my opinion, but we shall see. The Treo 750 has a 1200mAh so I was hoping for a battery at least that size or even bigger.

The leaked photos are also courtesy of the Sprint Users Forum and are pics of a tester unit.

Malatesta says:

We're still expecting a few more shiny additions to the finalized version, so while the Black Charcoal which we 1st reported is accurate, expect a wee bit more pizazz in a few more weeks ;-)

Malatesta also refreshes our memory with the known specs:

  • MSM-6800 chipset
  • ~100mb of Program / ~170mb of Storage Memory (both after OS)
  • WM 6.1 (5.2.1944)
  • ARM1136 processor
  • WiFi
  • Soft touch paint
  • Dedicated Wifi button Ringer switch on top
  • Micro-USB connector
  • 2.1mp camera
  • No headphone jack (uses microUSB to 3.5mm adapter)
  • 1150mah battery
  • 320x320
  • RevA (on release?)
  • GPS (network independent)
  • Palm Threaded SMS

That all sounds mighty fine to me! ;-) Well, except for the 1150mAh battery and no headphone jack.

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