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CDMA Version of Palm Treo Pro Coming?

Tue Aug 26, 2008 - 8:29 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

Update: Canada rumor - see below.

I read over at our sister site WMExperts about a hopeful rumor that HTC is working on a CDMA version of the Treo Pro for Verizon and/or Sprint. Let's hope this will pan out to be true. I know that many of our forum members favor the looks of the Treo Pro over the Treo 800w, and some weren't too happy that the GSM crowd will be getting the Treo Pro. If the rumor is true, the CDMA crowd might just get to grab a Treo Pro too.

We found out via WMExperts last Friday that HTC is the ODM for the Treo Pro. According to WMExperts, Cens.com (a Taiwanese news economic news site) is reporting that fellow ODM partner HTC is also working on a CDMA version of the Treo Pro.

From the Cens.com article:

Palm Inc., a global vendor of handsets under own brand, has placed its contract order for the newest Treo Pro series 3.5G phones with Taiwan`s High Tech Computer Corp. (HTC), a handsets supplier, according to company sources...
Furthermore, Palm is planning to launch CDMA (code division multiple access) version of Treo Pro series phone in the future for CDMA telecom service providers, like Verizon, Wireless and Sprint. The phone will also be supplied by HTC.

Hmmmm... WMExperts is also reporting on a rumor that Verizon has canceled their planned roll out of their Treo 800w. Malatesta says that reasons are murky, ranging from "it could not pass carrier testing" to they're waiting on the Treo Pro. It will be interesting to see what happens here.

Stay tuned and we'll let you know how both rumors pan out.

Update: I read about another rumor over at mobilesyrup. They're saying that the Treo Pro is on its way to Canada with a targeted release date of September 17th, 2008.

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