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Treo 600 Preview

Sun Oct 5, 2003 - 1:00 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

The Phone, and Favorites

When you press the phone button on the Treo 600 you go to a “home” screen. From there with the click of the five-way navigator you can reach the web, favorites, contacts, or the camera. Normally the home screen shows a dial pad, but you can change that to be a background instead. You cannot have the dial pad on top of the background however. The favorites screen replaces speed dial. Now you can add phone numbers, websites, applications and more and have them all be accessible by one button click. I thought of it as Handspring’s speed dial on steroids.

In order: Favorites, Edit Favorites, More Edit Favorites

Little has changed in the actual phone interface. Handspring has kept the same format of big buttons, but instead has made the dial pad and mute buttons half sized. If you have used any Treo before you will know how to operate a Treo 600. The quality of the sound was very good, through the earphone, and through the speakerphone. For users wondering about the bump on top of the Sprint Treo 600, it actually is helpful because it centers the phone in your ear. (In reality it is extra shielding to protect your head from the radio inside) The headset jack is on the bottom but I was not able to try it out. Phone-Software-wise the Treo 600 was not different from previous Treo’s, but hardware wise is a different story. For once it actually feels like a phone, and that is a remarkable improvement.

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