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Treo 90 Accessories

Mon May 27, 2002 - 10:09 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

With the release of a new handheld, there are almost always new accessories. The Treo 90 is no exception, with new cases and cables available for it soon.

The leather flip case for the Treo 90 is the first case available specifically made for the Treo 90. It flips open to reveal a cutout for the keyboard, 2 SD slots, 2 credit card slots, and 5 business cards. It is $24.99 and will be available late June.

By including all the software you will ever need to surf the web with the Treo 90, Handspring has opened up the opportunity to connect a mobile phone to the Treo.

They have enlisted SupplyNet to create Treo-to-Cell phone cables for most Samsung, Kyrocera, Motorola and Nextel phones. They are $29.95. 'Tis a shame you cannot use Bluetooth with the Treo 90.

The standard accessories for the Treo line are also available. This includes spare chargers, cradles, cables and stylus. There is no replacement flip-lid available for the Treo 90.

Treo accessory store

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