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Treo 270 shippping in Europe

Thu May 30, 2002 - 8:45 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

TreoCentral user Gurringo from Barcelona, Spain, recently received his brand new Treo 270 from Handspring. Gurringo ordered his Treo 270 on the day it came out. See this thread for complete details and discussion.

No other user has reported receiving a Treo 270 or a Treo 90 yet. Handspring still says that there is a 2-3 week wait on them.

Gurringo has these comments to say about the Treo 270. (Taken from the thread mentioned above)

"I've been using my new 270 for some hours. I charged all my software and files, and I'm a new man. Finally, after many years, I've the near perfect tool: color PDA and GSM phone (plus e-mail and Internet) all in one. The 270 is very well finished. When you starts the phone application, the keyboard is retrolighted, when you switch to another application, the screen has backlight and the keyboard dims. The color screen is a big, big improvement over 180g I've been using for last two or three months. And the 270 it seems faster than 180 (maybe the screen response?). I've been loyal to Graffitti for many years, but in only one hour I forget it. With the keyboard and Jot application, no problem. "

The Treo 270 is a 12-bit color Treo, with all the features of a Treo 180. It boasts longer battery life, and the same form factor. It is $499 activated.

The Treo 90 is a surprise handheld from Handspring. It is in a thinner Treo form, and without wireless. But it does have an SD slot - a first for a Handspring handheld. It retails for $299.

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