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Treo 680 Video: Hands-on and Interview

Last Updated Mon Oct 23, 2006 - 7:59 PM EDT - By Dieter Bohn, Michael Ducker, Marcus Adolfsson


At the Digital Life Conference on October 12th TreoCentral not only got a chance to get a hands-on with the new Treo 680, but we also had a long interview with Phil McClendon, product manager for the Treo 680.

(If you prefer, we also have the full version of the entire video in HD available here. It's not razor-sharp video, but hopefully it won't take an eternity to download.)

Dieter has previously mentioned that the Treo 680 has "the shiny". That's due, of course, to the now-missing antenna and the new colors. What we focus on in this video is primarily the new software features: namely the new Phone App and the new conference calling features.

So here's that section of the video:

The next section of the video is our interview. As the Treo 680's success is going to ride so heavily on the marketing and how Palm gets the message out about the Treo, we spend a lot of time discussing issues surrounding the 680 in the marketplace. So though it may seem a bit "wonkish", the questions we're asking apply very directly to whether the 680 will be a smash, a bomb, or somewhere in between.

Here's the interview:

In any case, hopefully it will tide you over until the Treo 680 is actually released in the US. Enjoy!

Update: Kind reader Stefan has put the video up on google video as well. You could watch it there instead if that's how you roll.

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