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An OtterBox for the Palm Treo

Thu Nov 9, 2006 - 12:45 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


Otter Products has been producing the ultimate protection for storing valuables in their "box-like" rugged cases called the OtterBox since 1996. They have a great reputation in providing excellent protection for many types of mobile devices.

OtterBox has three universal PDA cases; the 1900 for smaller PDAs(Read our 1900 review), the 2600 which can accomodate Palm PDAs such as the Tungsten E, T3,TC, and the 3600 which will accommodate just about anything you need attached to your PDA and is for users who demand expandability and extreme ruggedness!

And now, according to Pocket PC Thoughts, OtterBox is taking preorders for a new case; the OtterBox 1920 Palm Treo Case that is designed specifically for Palm Treo devices.

The OtterBox 1920 accommodates Palm™ Treo 650, 700w and 700p models and will be available in Otter’s signature colors, yellow and black.

The OtterBox 1920 is like a miniature Fort Knox for your Treo device against scratches, bumps, and the elements. Even though the Treo will be safely sealed inside the rugged case, there will be access to keypad, touch screen, volume and program buttons. From the photo here, it looks like there is a protective screen cover that flips up. Treo owners will be able to work just about anywhere with complete use of phone, email, internet, MP3 files and camera all through the case. How cool is that? Not only will your Treo be protected in a sealed case and be useable inside that case, it'll also look tough.

  • Waterproof, dustproof, drop and crush protection
  • Easy access to all Treo™ functionality
  • Charge and sync through the case
  • Optional SD POD allows for the use of an SD barcode scanner for warehouse, shipping, and asset management applications.
  • Phone usable through the case
  • So any of you Treo owners who are the rugged outdoors type and spend a lot of time camping, fishing, skiing, and hiking, the OtterBox 1920 would be perfect for you! The OtterBox 1920 would be a great investment for your Treo.

    The Treocentral Store will be getting the OtterBox 1920 Treo Case soon!

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