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Pocket Treos in the Future
PalmOne has publicly stated that they are looking at making Linux-bases or Microsoft-based PDAs. What does this mean for PalmSource?

The Problem is DUN
Sprint now says that Bluetooth Dial Up Networking support for the Treo 650, will be available in a firmware upgrade soon.

Direct from palmOne
New Details of the Treo 650 from the press conference and one on one interviews.

palmOne president on the future of smartphones
palmOne president Ed Colligan eventually wants the Treo to become the "primary device you go to."

David Nagel Interview
DigiTimes has an interesting interview with David Nagel, President of PalmSource.

The Treo vs. RIM
Brighthand has an interesting editorial about the power of the RIM Blackberry.

Old Treo Models No Longer Available
The Treo 270, the first color Treo, and the Treo 300, the first Sprint Treo, are finally discontinued after more than two years.

Walt loves his Treo
Walt Mossberg, said to be one of the most influential technology writers, writes a glowing retort to a users question about if the Treo has poor battery life.

How has Palm OS improved your life?
PalmSource is holding a contest to hear responces to this question.

Treo 600 vs. T-Mobile Sidekick
A now-former T-Mobile Sidekick user takes a very indepth look at the Treo 600 - and ends up keeping it.

Verizon, can you hear me now?
It seems that the Treo 600 is in perpetual testing with Verizon, but new info shows that the release is not far off.

Again, How fast is your Treo?
About a year ago, we did an unscientific survey of how fast Treo download speeds were across different networks. How about we do it again?

The State of Bluetooth
Bluetooth has often been a requested feature of a Treo, but what can Bluetooth actually do for the Treo?

Treo 610
An analyst provides further confirmation of Verizon's Treo launch, sparking rumors across the web of a new Treo model.

March Madness
So it's not March, but the Treo 600 is battling the MPx200 for first place in CNET's fourth annual "cell phone tournament"

Microsoft's Smartphone
How does Microsoft's new software platform compare with the Treo? Michael Ducker attended a recent Smartphone conference and shares his thoughts.

Predictions for Treo in 2004
Michael shares his (wishful) insight into the Treo and the smartphone market's year ahead.

Donna Dubinsky Interview
ZDNET has a 7 minute interview with Donna Dubinsky from the San Fransisco Mission Possible event.

Jeff Hawkins Interview
ZDNET has a 5 minute interview with Jeff Hawkins from the San Fransisco Mission Possible event.

Mission Possible
The Treo 600 is launched around the country to analysts and the press -and motivated treocentral readers. A roundup of all the information learned inside.

Thoughts on the Future of Handheld Computing
Part 3: Bullet Train Desktop Dashboard is now available! Jake Ehrlich voices his thoughts on the future of handheld computing.

Poll Results
What is the best feature of the Treo 600?

Mossberg loves the Treo 600
The Wall Street Journal's tech editor Walter Mossberg has tested the Treo 600 for several weeks, and is in love with it.

Wireless Loading
With the imminent release of the Treo 600, Handspring has yet another ace up their sleeves: wireless downloads. Michael gives his look at what possibilities this raises for Treo 600 owners-to-be.

Inside the Treo 600 Developer Area
More than 50 screenshots of the Treo 600 tutorial. Want to get more acquainted with the Treo 600? Then download the simulator, study the mechanical drawings, and read the SDK.

Treo 600: Love at first sight
TreoCentral reader JakeE shares with us his encounter with the Treo 600: Iím in love... deep... really deep.

Battery drain fix?
An open call from Sprint for a few testers to help solve this nagging issue.

Treo now available with plans from AT&T Wireless
AT&T Wireless now offers service plans for the Treo 270, and a substantial discount on the communicator for both new and existing subscribers.

TreoCentral users prefer SnapperMail
SnapperMail garners almost 50% of the vote for most used email program in our latest poll.

Jeff Hawkins Interview
CNET has an interview with Jeff Hawkins where he talks about the future.

Your Treo is that Fast? Wow!
That is, if you have a Treo 300. GPRS might not be all that it is hyped up to be. The results are in on how fast a Treo really is through Vision, GPRS, or CSD.

The next generation Treo out this fall
Handspring has dropped several hints on their next generation Treo: Palm OS 5 ARM, phone oriented, available in both GMS and CDMA, out this fall.

Accessory Poll Results
This poll has been going way to long, the results are below. Make sure to vote for your favorite email client in this months poll.

From Phone to Remote Control
This is what Bluetooth was made for

Treo 90 Only $199.99 at TigerDirect
TigerDirect is now selling the Treo 90 for $100 less.

2002: a Year of Transition
James Hromadka reflects on the year that was

Leno uses Treo in joke on Tonight Show
Jay Leno displayed a Treo 180 while adding a rectal thermometer to the Treo's list of features.

Wireless in Seattle
During Mobius 2002, James Hromadka gets to really explore Bluetooth's possibilites

James Hromadka takes a look at Bluetooth and the Treo 90

Mo' Bill-ity
SMS is great -- if you can afford it.

Unlimited North American GPRS access for $32
If you are Canadian and pay in US dollars, that is.

GPRS is alive and well on Treo
We finally get GPRS working, and offer some tips for T-Mobile, Cingular, AT&T, and international customers.

Traveling with the Treo
James takes his Treo 270 with him on vacation. Did he chuck it on the water?

The Perils of Flash
Is flashing your Treo Dangerous? We take a look. Plus, Brayder's software is now available for Treo.

Treo Communicators have Flash ROM
We've worked with Brayder Technology to bring you an exclusive about how the Treo Communicators has Flash ROM, and how you can use it.

Handspring still an A Plus
In the latest PC Magazine Service and Reliability survey, Handspring was rated an A Plus - better than any other PDA manufacturer.

To Wes:
No, not from Star Trek but from PDABuzz. Today he announced his departure from leading one of the largest pda websites. The staff here at VisorCentral would like to thank him for all the great work that he has accomplished.

James is back after a brief hiatus, and he has a few words about the alleged Treo 90.

Best Buy and Handspring
Treo for $299, Visors on bestbuy.com? There's a first for everything...

The Future is Treo
James offers his thoughts on where he would like to see applications for the Treo go.

Ducker's Comdex Comments
VisorCentral's Michael Ducker shares with us his comments on PC Expo and Las Vegas


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