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Camera Details 640x480 VGA, can also take smaller photos

OS Palm OS 5.2.1h

Screen Color 160x160

Other Features Volume buttons,5 way navigator, Ringer switch with vibrate option, dual speaker system, microphone, backlit keyboard, built in camera

Battery Life 5 (CDMA) or 6 (GSM) hour Talk Time

Color Silver (GSM), Black (CDMA)

Size 4.41 inches x 2.26 inches x 0.87 (LxWxD

Memory 32 MB

Weight ~6 oz, depending on model

Availability Available

(Estimated price with carrier discount)

Treo 600 by Handspring

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Please see our Preview of the Treo 600 for complete information.

The Treo 600 crams a 144 MHz ARM powered Palm OS 5 organizer, a GSM/GPRS or CDMA module (depending on version), a fully integrated QWERTY keyboard, a five-way navigation pad, a 160x160 bright color screen, a VGA (640x480) camera, 32 MB Ram, a SD/MMC slot, an improved battery and audio system, and enhanced communication applications into a small phone-like form factor. (4.41 inches x 2.26 inches x 0.87 (LxWxD), about 6 oz depending on model)

See TreoCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  86% Thumbs Down 14%

Would you recommend Treo 600 ?

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Thumbs Up

3 years and running strong
The 600 is a great organizer and a good phone. The 600 does a good job with calls, but ocasionally goes into a auto ignore mode, rolling calls to VM even though there are 4 bars. The PDA and organizer functions are outstanding and the strength of the 600, and the text and email functions are also well done. I have had my 600 for 3 years and it has been problem free, no dealys with buttons, instant switching between functions and aps, and I've only had to reset it 3 times. Battery life is outstanding, I don't know if my unit is a fluke but I usually go 4-6 days between charges and rarely turn the phone off. A full charge on Fri morning will get me through the busiest weekends without pluggin it in. The only knock is its a bit bulky and heavier than the newer models, probably the reason for the longevity of the charge.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

just pissin me off
I started with this phone about 2 months ago and now im here. When i first got it, it ran so horribly that i had to send it back to get a new one within the first 2 days! The second phone i received started working fine, however, this was only for about the first 3 weeks until the freezing started happening. During calls, txt msgs, applications, you name it and the phone resets... why? i still dont know, all i know is that im finally upgrading and im looking forward to discarding this piece of crap.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Great for everything
I bought this phone off eBay used for $100. I have owned it for six months and I haven't had any problems i guess I was one of the lucky ones because my phone by far is the best phone I have ever owned. It is a great device and i recommend it for anybody who is always on the run and needs access to the internet and email. The funny thing is i bought this used for a 100 dollars and my phone works better then my friends treo 650. The only thing bad is the camera but i don't use that feature a lot,
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Great Idea, but not functional as a phone
I had tried 2 of these Palm 600's and neither one of them worked well as a phone. I wish it did, because then I would have reccomended it. But if you want to use it as a phone, good luck!
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

I love this phone!!
This is by far one of the greatest palm products I have ever used.
by stevezec

Thumbs Up

Love my T-Mobile Treo 600 - what a machine!
So I have only owned the device for a week and a half, but as a palm user for the past five years... I am delighted to have one device for all my needs (the camera is just a fun addition).
by sapphite

Thumbs Up

Phone + PDA + Camera?
Well, throw out the camera and the rest works for me. IMO, the Treo600 is is one of those products that will become the benchmark for which others will be compared to. It can only get better from here. Some of the good: Nice form factor QWERTY keyboard entry Excellent Phone / PDA / Computer Integration Intuitive use Nicely layered capabilities Much better display than a phone Good battery life Some of the bad Phone components could be better (ring tones, microphone, earphone, speakerphone, external battery, good vibrate function) No bluetooth Not a state of the art display for a PDA Camera functions like an afterthought All in all, this is a much better first smartphone for me than many other firsts that I have previously owned. I like it. What I would like to see is for someone to come up with a clip holder that acts as a holder, battery, ringer, and vibration device all in one. Maybe they could even squeeze blue tooth in it!
by ConvergenceNow

Thumbs Up

Great Phone/PDA
Well built, substantional feeling phone, with nice design features. Easy to navigate menus, make calls, use the pda. Small keyboard, but certainly usable. Nice size phone, small enough to carry, but large enough to use comfortably. My only disappointment is the camera. Granted that the camera is just a nice additional feature to the main reasons I bought the phone (effectively combine my phone and visor), but it is very poor compared to other camera phones and the Tungsten. Pictures are dark and grainy, even when used in good lighting. Other than that I love the phone.
by BBell

Thumbs Down

Too Awkward To Handle
keyboard is clumsy and small, except if your are sitting still and can fool with it. Not easy to operate as phone when in vehicle, too distracting (dangerous)
by tomd4re

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