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On Foleo, Interview with Palm Exec Brodie Keast

Last Updated Thu May 31, 2007 - 9:57 AM EDT - By Dieter Bohn


In the video below, I tried to get to as many of our readers' questions as possible. The executive summary: Palm really does believe they're making a new category here and that, after a slow start, it's going to be successful.

I'll update this story on Saturday, answering the unanswered (or unasked!) reader questions myself to the best of my ability. Until then, take a look at the interview with SVP of Marketing for Palm, Brodie Keast (formerly a TiVo exec, btw). The noise level isn't ideal, but it works for the most part. I'll be sure to post a transcript of the interview this weekend as well.

Update: The transcript is available here.

Ed Colligan

We didn't do this interview, obviously, but if you just can't get enough Palm execs working through their talking points, here's Palm CEO Ed Colligan discussing the Foleo, "the Wii of portable computing."

Check back this weekend for more at this page (or watch for the "updated" flag on the front page). Coming up in just a moment, TreoCentral's hands-on and first thoughts with the Foleo. Plus, be sure to read about the conversation with the Foleo's creator, Jeff Hawkins, also coming up. Discuss the Foleo in our forums.

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