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TreoCentral.com is a spin off from VisorCentral.com - a highly successful web site started in 1999 that focused on Handspring's Visor products. In late 2001 Handspring (now owned by Palm), decided to take a new direction and introduced the Treo, a family of communicator devices. Shortly thereafter, the plans for TreoCentral were formed.

TreoCentral has become a central fixture in the world of online Treo communities. We deliver high quality and reliable news, articles, and reviews. We provide extensive live coverage of all major Treo events, no matter where they happen in the world. Our online discussion board is extremely popular, where tens of thousands of users converse daily, sharing ideas and providing online support for each other. In the last six months alone, more than 1.6 million users have benefited from information gleaned from this site.

Recognizing the value of having a focused group of users, TreoCentral launched a online retail store in October 2003 - just in time for the release of the Treo 600. The store's first product was a single charging cable, but now the store carries more than 600 accessories for the Treo. Today, the infrastructure created for the TreoCentral stores powers a wide variety of Smartphone stores under the umbrella organization Smartphone Experts.

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Please send news submissions to [email protected]

Accessory makers and software developers who would like their product featured and reviewed, contact Jennifer Chappell.

If you are interested in writing stores, articles, or news for this site, please contact Jennifer Chappell.

For technical problems with the site, please contact Dieter Bohn.

For any and all store related issues, please see the TreoCentral Store Contact page for relevant email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses; our editorial/website staff cannot help with store related problems.

Authors featured on TreoCentral

Jennifer Chappell, Annie Latham, Michael Ducker, Dieter Bohn, Marcus Adolfsson, James Hromadka, Jay Gross, Neal Martin, Mike Overbo, Harv Laser, Andre Kibbe, Brian Hart, Douglas Morse, Douglas Morse, Mike Guccione, Tim Hillebrand, Dan Nimtz, Xious Sonenberg, Justin DeJarnette, Kenneth Crandall, TreoCentral Staff, Joe Tunon, Jimmie Geddes, Chris Kingree, Scott Hanselman, Jack Southworth, Alan Graham, VisorCentral Staff, Jake Ehrlich, Mike Lee, Tyler Beard, Gregory A. Gaub, J. Kevin Wolfe, Andreas G. Nie, Edward Green, Andrew Carton

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