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Palm Patches SMS Issue on 700wx
Much earlier than the "By the end of the year" promise, Palm released a patch last night to fix the SMS Issues on the 700wx.

Palm Responds to Sprint 700wx SMS issues
Update for problem to come "by the end of the year."

Treo 680 Available for Pre-Order at Amazon.com
There aren't a lot of details yet, but here's yet another sign that the 680's release is imminent: preorder the Treo 680 for $413.99

An OtterBox for the Palm Treo
It looks like Palm's Treo line is getting its very own OtterBox case.

Verizon Treo 650 ROM Updater Released
The updater was released on Oct 17th. Palm states that the update "enhances" loading large web pages, Bluetooth perfomance, and more. Will other ROM updates be on the way soon?

Sprint Treo 700wx unable to SMS to non-Sprint phones
A bug that started last week has apparently started affecting all 700wx Treos.

Treo 680 Photo Gallery
Read on to see a gallery of photos of the Treo 680 from the Digital Life conference. Also: Palm's new Ad agency may be a winner

Palm to Launch Consumer Focused Treo
The Wall Street Journal today reports that Palm will focus on the consumer market with a new $199 Treo, the Treo 680, which has been made easier to use.

3G Smartphone Smackdown
You'll pay for 3G but only use the EDGE! Mike Overbo overviews the high-end smartphone landscape.

Treo 750v available Oct 2 in the UK
Vodafone has finally pinned down an actual release date for the Treo 750v

First Look: Treo 700wx for the Sprint Wireless Network
Palm will officially announce the Treo 700wx on Sprint Wireless Network on Sept 5th. The Treo 700wx runs Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC Edition, has 64mb of Program Memory, built-in dial-up networking, and more. Read on for TreoCentral's first look at the 700wx, including pictures and video.

Palm to Unveil Next Treo Sept. 12th.
Reuters managed to get a few details about Palm's upcoming Treo for Vodaphone's network.

Loud Music in the Middle of the Night: A Hybrid Headset Comparison
Shut off the world and crank up the music. Jay Gross compares the Seidio 2-in-1 In-Ear Isolator Headphones to the Palm Hybrid Headset/Headphones.

Palm starts taking 700p orders
Palm is now taking orders for the 700p. The Sprint version will ship within one week and Verizon Wireless devices within 3 - 4 weeks.

Verizon Wireless talks 700p
Verizon plans to sell the 700p within the next few weeks for $400 with the signing of a 2-yr contract.

Mobility Today posts video review of 700p
David Ciccone over at Mobility Today has posted a detailed video review of the 700p.

Sprint announces 700p pricing and availability
The Treo 700P will be available at the end of May at Sprint Stores at $399.99 after available discounts and promotions, and at $649.99 without discounts.

Palm Reveals Treo 700p Smartphone
Blending PalmOS' ease-of-use with the hardware design of the Treo 700w, the Treo 700p smartphone features EvDO, Dial-up networking, rich multimedia, and more memory. Available soon from Sprint and Verizon Wireless.

Facts of the Case: The Art of Holstering
There are many different ways to stash and protect your Treo. Find out which one is right for you with this insightful analysis of five of the top pouch cases in the biz.

Seidio releases Shield Holster for un-skinned Treos
A great holster for naked Treos

New Extended Battery from Seidio
The company bumps its extended battery's power up a couple hundred mAh. Now you can go even longer between charges.

Treo 650 Updater 1.20 for unlocked GSM devices
Palm has released ROM Update 1.2 for unlocked GSM units. Enhancements include better memory improved when browsing and improved voice quality.

Palm taking orders for Treo 700w
Palm is now taking orders for Treo 700w on Verizon Wireless' network. The device starts at $399 with a new service contract, and $649 for existing plans.

Treo 700w available starting tomorrow
Palm and Verizon today announced that the Treo 700w will be available on Verizon Wireless starting tomorrow, January 5th.

New RBT-2010 GPS Receiver from Seidio
With up to 17 hours of battery life, this is great for road trips.

Four more Treos
Palm announced yesterday that at least four new smartphones would be announced in 2006.

Seidio redesigns 2-in-1 headsets
The cable headsets have been redesigned with a more modern look.

Treo 700w getting closer
Verizon posts a "Coming Soon" page for the Windows Mobile device.

Treo 700w manual available from FCC filing
FCC has released more documents from the Treo 700w FCC filing, including the user manual.

New Skin Holster from Seidio
Keep your Treo by your side even though it is in a skin case.

Palm releases Treo Updater 1.17 for Cingular users
The firmware update adds Gmail attachment downloads and better Bluetooth support as well as a host of other improvements.

Integrated GPS solution from Seidio
No more asking for directions!

Seidio announces replacement cover for Treo
Cover includes a reset hole and a good sale price.

Music Dock for the Treo 650
Now you can charge, HotSync, and listen to music from the Treo all from the same dock.

CTIA Wireless IT 2005 Conference Notes
Palm wasn't the only company at CTIA. We have coverage of some of the most interesting announcements.

Windows Mobile Treo Photos
Lots of product photos of the new Windows Mobile Treo, unofficially known as the Treo 700w.

New cases from Speck Products
The Executive case for business users and a Lady case geared towards women

Palm lowers price of unlocked Treo 650
Smartphone is now $50 cheaper.

Treo 600 being phased out?
Palm is no longer selling the smartphone at its online US store.

A/C power kit for INNODock
Charge the Treo as fast as possible while in the cradle.

Special INNODock for Vaja T65 owners
A great case can now be used with a great cradle.

New Seidio battery charger
Charge your extra battery in style.

A look at SD readers
Tired of taking twenty minutes to copy your multimedia files to the Treo? An SD reader may be the cure.

New INNODock cradle from Seidio
Unique desktop cradle lets you keep the Treo 650 inside its case while plugged into the cradle.

palmOne's LifeDrive announced
palmOne today announced their first "Mobile Manager" product, the LifeDrive. The question on the minds Treo fans - when will the LifeDrive technology find itself inside a Treo?

Verizon Treo 650 now available, starting at $399
palmOne and Verizon today officially announced the release of the Verizon Treo 650. palmOne is now accepting orders, and shipping expected in 2-3 weeks.

Verizon Treo 650 available through business sales
The Verizon Treo 650 is now available through Verizon business sales. The full price is reported to be $529; as low as $249 after new activations discounts. No firm date on the consumer release.

Treo 650 available on Rogers
The Treo 650 smartphone is now available on the Rogers Wireless network, starting at $549.99CA (about $455) with a three year (!) contract.

Cingular Treo 650 SIM Issue
Some Cingular Treo 650s have interoperability issues with Gemplus 64K SIMs.

Hidden WiFi Driver (Not) Found on GSM Treo 650
Thought we were on to something for a moment

Treo PCS vs GSM
Some quick observations on the differences between a Sprint PCS Treo 650 and an unlocked GSM Treo 650

'Cobalt' smartphone reference designs from PalmSource and TI
In effort to stimulate development of additional palmOS based Smartphones, PalmSource and Texas Instruments have created two smartphone reference designs.

Unlocked Treo 650 goes up $100
The price of the unlocked Treo 650 has increased by a $100, up to $699 from $599. The $599 price was "a mistake," according to palmOne.

Cingular and unlocked Treo 650 on palmOne's website
After a long wait, the Treo 650 for Cingular and an unlocked GSM version is now available at palmOne's website.

Treo 650 on Cingular's website
The Treo 650 smartphone finally makes an appearance on Cingular's website. As of 10 PM EST, it was not possible to order the phone.

Treo 650 GSM announced by palmOne Asia
palmOne's Asian division has announced the GSM Treo 650, with a February 5th availability date.

PalmOne Website: GSM Treo 650 "Coming Soon"
If you want still more confirmation that the GSM Treo 650 is about to be released, visit palmone.com

SDIO GPS for the Treo 650
iGolf Technologies today announced they will begin selling a SD GPS receiver for the Treo 650, bundled with their iGolfgps software.

palmOne responds to memory concerns
palmOne commits to a ROM upgrade to reduce NVFS overhead, and a free 128 MB SD card to Treo 650 users with memory management issues.

Thumbs up from USA Today
USA Today's Edward Baig has written a positive review of the "smartest of the smartphones", the Treo 650.

Treo 650 shipping from Sprint
If you need a 650 right away, existing Sprint customers can now order from Sprint directly. Update: Readers reports receiving their 650s.

Treo 650 Pre-Orders
palmOne stated taking pre-orders for the Treo 650 this morning.

Treo 650 FCC documents released
FCC has published some of the equipment certification documents for the Treo 650.

Sprint will support Bluetooth DUN on 650
Sprint clarified the Bluetooth issue today by stating that in the future, they plan to release a firmware upgrade that will add DUN functionality to the Treo 650.

Hands on with the Treo 650
Senior Editor Michael Ducker shares his first impressions after spending part of his evening with the Treo 650.

Treo 650 Announced
Ace! palmOne launches the fourth generation Treo, the Treo 650 at CTIA 2004 in San Francisco. New features include a high resolution screen and Bluetooth.

Push-To-Talk on Orange Treo 600
Orange announced today the availability of its push-to-talk solution for the Treo 600 today in the UK.

New Custom Treo cradle
TreoCentral user newtreouser has created a Treo cradle with built in MP3 and headset passthrough.

Seidio 2 in 1 Car Kit for Treo 600
Seidio has released a new car kit custom made for the Treo 600.

No Treo WiFi
PalmOne released a WiFi card for their Zire 72 and Tungsten T3, but it will not work with the Treo.

Treo Folding Cradle
A new folding travel cradle for the Treo was released today.

No Camera Verizon Treo
As expected, Verizon Wireless is now offering the no camera version of the Treo 600.

PalmOne will now resell Vaja leather cases under their new Persona brand.

Retractable 2 in 1 Headset
Seidio has released a new version of their popular 2 in 1 Headset. Now, it can have a retractable cable.

Verizon Treo 600 Official
The Wall Street Journal and others report on Verizon's launch of the Treo 600, Verizon confirms launch to TreoCentral, and TreoCentral members receive early units.

Upgrade your Treo's battery
PDAParts.com now has an internal replacement battery that they claim will boost battery life by 25%-35%.

Stowaway Sale
Only $50 for a Treo compatible Stowaway IR Wireless Keyboard.

It's official: Sprint announces camera-less Treo 600
A press release has announced the official availability of the camera-less Treo 600 from Sprint. TreoCentral user treogables provides photos.

Metal Hardcase
Innopocket announces a new metal hardcase for the Treo 600.

Treo 600 and WiFi?
A new SD 802.11b card is in development, and it may work on the Treo 600.

Non-Camera Sprint Treo 600 coming late April
TreoCentral has learned that a non-camera version of the Treo 600 will be available in late April.

T-Mobile Pre-Order, early March shipping
Almost five months after the Treo 600 started shipping, it will shortly be available for T-Mobile. A $399 upgrade offer for existing Treo owners is available.

Treo 600 now available for AT&T
Treo 600 for AT&T Wireless is now available on Handspring's website. Shipping is expected 2-3 weeks from the order date.

Treo 600 Headsets
A brief overview of Treo 600 specific and Treo 600 compatible headsets and headphones.

Treo 600 available for Cingular
Treo 600 GSM with Cingular service is now available from Handspring. For existing Treo owners, there is a $399 upgrade offer.

Orange Treo 600 Review
With the US Treo 600 GSM release just around the corner, Edward Green provides us with an indepth look at the Orange version.

Treo 600 Shipping, Handspring updates website
The Treo 600 is now shipping from Sprint, and Handspring has updated their website with all the information on the Treo 600.

Treo 600 Preview
A lucky turn of events got a Treo 600 into the hands of TreoCentral Senior Editor Michael Ducker. Working feverishly through the night he has written a full preview of the Treo 600.

Treo 600 Mailbag
A few smaller Treo 600 items have cropped up on the board: A new review, new pricing information, a great flash demo from Orange, Mission Possible, and more.

iGolf Technologies announced its $299 SD GPS card.

SD Radio
iBiz started shipping their pocketRADIO today, an FM radio that works with the Treo 90 and possibly the 600.

Preview Treo 600 Ringtones
In the latest Handspring e-newsletter, Handspring shows off some ringtones.

Broadcom GSM chip in Treo
Broadcom announced that Handspring has deployed the Broadcom(R) BCM2121 GPRS/GSM single-chip baseband processor.

TI's OMAP brings speed to Treo
Texas Instruments announced that TI's OMAP processors will enable a wide range of applications and services on Handspring's newest Treo 600 smartphone.

Treo 600 Manuals
The FCC now has the Treo 600 GSM and CDMA manuals up.

AirPrime to Power CDMA Treo 600
Handspring selects AirPrime Helium 1x EM3400 Series to for Treo 600 CDMA

Battery Sled Available
Mossberg, users report on a $89.99 battery that will add 4 hours of talk time to the Treo.

Treo 600 Revealed
AGAIN Handspring today introduced the 2nd generation of their communicator family, the Treo 600. Read our detailed report for the latest information.

GPS for Treo
Mapopolis announced today the first GPS unit for Treo, making it the first major hardware accessory for the Treo too!

Treo 300 now only $150!
Combine two rebates and you can own a Treo 300 for less than $150!


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