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New Treo Holsters
Seidio has just released two new holsters that fit all three Treo communicator devices.

Treo headed to China
As reported earlier this week, Handspring plans to bring a modified Treo 270 to China.

Treo 300 now only $249.99
Combine a Sprint and Amazon rebate and the Treo 300 will be yours for only $249.99. The Amazon rebate is only valid for new Sprint accounts.

Palm announces data-centric smartphone - not available until 2003
Palm today introduced the Tungsten W, a Treo competitor that features a high-resolution color screen, and SD expansion slot, and a fast GPRS radio.

Preview: Stowaway XT
Released today by Palm as the �Ultra-Thin� keyboard, Michael has been a beta-tester for this amazing new keyboard by the makers of Stowaway.

$100 price drop on Treo 180
Handspring today dropped the price on Treo 180 to $249

A Pen for Treo
If you are dissatisfied with the Treo's stylus, be sure to check out the new styli from PDA Panache and StylusCentral.

Treo 90 Updater Updated
Handspring has released Treo 90 updater 1.1 fixing problems users have reported after installing Updater 1.0.

Treo 90 gets Bluetooth support and more
Handspring released Treo 90 Updater 1.0 adding SD I/O functions and more to the Treo 90.

Treo 180 lowered by $50
Handspring today lowered the price of the Treo 180 with $50.

Interview with the Treo Team
Kevin Wolfe discusses the Thumboard and Treo 90 with two Handspring managers, Will Rees and Jenny Faubion.

Treo 300 now at Handspring.com
Handspring finally offers the Treo 300 for sale, along with a bundle of information, on their website.

Almost Official: Treo 300
You can now buy the Treo 300 online from Sprint. Is Handspring soon to follow?

Somewhat available: Treo 300 for $499
Handspring offers a sneak peak of the Treo 300 on their website, Sprint announces their 3G network, and our readers are reporting spotting and even buying the Treo in stores.

Backlight problem acknowledged
Handspring has acknowledged the dead backlight issue that many Treo 270/90 users have experienced.

Treo 270 available in Australia
Don't believe me? Click for details.

Treo expansion possible with CF Jacket
A German company is currently developing a CF Jacket for the Treo, but need your feedback before bringing the product to market.

Final day to trade up to Treo 270 or Treo 180
Today is the last day to take advantage of Handspring's Treo upgrade offers.

The Future?
Michael brings us a first look at what the Treo 90 really is all about.

Treo 90 shipping, available in stores
Several readers have received their Treo 90 orders, and some even picked up units from local stores.

Treo 90 Accessories
With every new handheld comes new accessories.

Tiny Treo 90 is born
Someone took a Treo 270, stripped out the GSM module, and sliced .17" inches off the back. The price was chopped too.

Treo 270 available, shipping in 2-3 weeks
Handspring today announced the Treo 270 - it can be yours for $699 or $499. VisorPhone owners get surprise Trade Up offer.

Treo 270 available in Europe
Handspring is now listing the Treo 270 as available throughout Europe.

Treo 270 Leaked
The FCC has done it again - info on the upcoming Treo 270

More Treo stuff
Stuff. A new case, a new cable, and new awards for the Treo.

Promax Treo accessories
A new Treo Holster case, chargers and more from Promax.

Belkin Treo Accessories
Belkin announced today three new Treo accessories to be available early June.

And up we go!
Effective April 2nd, a Treo without a service plan will be $599. An increase of $50.

New flip-top Treo case from Krusell
Krusell has released the first flip-top Treo case that we have come across.

Treo looking good
VisorCentral reader jberger shows us what the Treo really looks on the inside.

Treo demo in New York
Handspring will be demoing it for all to see on March 20th

Treo deals and leaks
Treo for $299*, Treo Cradle, and more at Amazon.com

Treo Initial Impressions
James: gets his hands on the Treo.
Handspring: good luck getting it back.

Treo (almost) ships in US!
Within the last couple hours, Handspring's website has changed to show that the Treo 180 and the Treo 180g are available to purchase in the US and Canada.

Treo available Jan 14th
According to a very positive review in today's NY Times, the Treo will be available on Jan 14th.

The Treo is revealed
Handspring showed off the new Treo to the VisorCentral staff today. Read on for initial impressions.

Handspring announces the Treo, available in 2002
Handspring today offically announced their new Treo family of PDA/Cellphones, which we first reported on last month.


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