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The TreoCentral FAQ relies on you for its content. This has been a long-coming feature of TreoCentral.com, and we are really excited to see what knowledge the community has to offer. Please feel free to browse and rate the FAQs.

If you see something that is wrong, click the flag for review button in the upper right corner and write your comment. It will be reviewed soon by a moderator.

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Carrier Related

Data Use


» My Treo 600 doesn’t take very good pictures. Is it broken? (18718 views)
» How long will the battery last on the Treo 600? (15735 views)
» What type of battery does the Treo 600 have, and is it removable? (15607 views)
» Does Treo 600 support Bluetooth? (16460 views)
» My SD card pops or falls out of my Treo! What can I do to stop this? (16793 views)
» How do I get MP3's to play through the earbud that comes with my T600? (16956 views)
» What is the purpose of the five-way navigation button? (12733 views)
» Can I beam information to and from the Treo 600 smartphone? (12818 views)
» How do I perform a soft reset without using the stylus? (18500 views)
» How to remove the loud buzz a caller hears when calling you on your Treo 600? (18073 views)
» Why does my Treo 300's radio "lock up" and rapidly kill the battery, and how do I stop it from happening? (11583 views)
» I know how to move the cursor up and down, but is there a "pageup" or "pagedown" button? (12581 views)
» How do I keep my Treo turned on when it's in the docking cradle? (11189 views)

Phone Use
» Does the Treo 600 support the push-to-talk feature? (15875 views)
» Will the phone number of an incoming call on my Treo 600 smartphone automatically be saved to my address book? (13966 views)
» Can I view my calendar or input data to other applications while talking on the phone? (12402 views)
» How do I install ringtones? (18277 views)
» Can I use photo caller ID so I can see a picture of who is calling? (14285 views)
» Are there any special keys that are useful while on a phone call? (14469 views)
» How can I re-dial the last number? (11971 views)
» How do you define DTMF tones ("extra digits") in order to have pre-programmed voice menu navigation commands dialed out of the Speed Dial entries? (15167 views)
» If I am currently in two calls, how can I hang up only one of them? (12956 views)
» Can I dial other numbers from contacts in my favorites screen? (10758 views)
» Does the Treo 600 support long SMS (>160 characters) on GSM networks? (13056 views)
» How do I look up a two part business name that has a space without dialing it? (11519 views)


» How can I perform a reset as if the battery were disconnected from my Treo 600? (23881 views)
» How can I recover from a looping reset? (15093 views)
» How do I delete the HotSync user name (without a hard reset) and thereby force a recovery synchronization? (16942 views)
» How can I find out what error caused my last soft reset on my CDMA or GSM Treo 600? (13264 views)
» Help! My Treo won't charge in the cradle, what do I do? (15045 views)
» When I plug in a set of external speakers to my Treo 600, they do not work, whats wrong? (12255 views)
» How to fI ix the Treo 600 error "Network Libaries Unavailable" which prevents internet access and IR beaming. (12952 views)
» How do I get rid of speakerphone echo on the Treo 600? (14665 views)
» Why does Blazer suddenly take too long to start (10 seconds or more)? (10543 views)
» My Sync hangs at datebook. (11309 views)


» How can I read Usenet Newsgroups on my PDA? (13094 views)
» When I upgrade from 180 to 600, how do I delete old ringtone files (mid)? (10666 views)
» I received a replacement Treo, however when I synced my data from Outlook 200 onto the new Treo, notes (memos) are not being synced over. What do I do? (13506 views)
» When creating an email, Microsoft Outlook automatically converts users email address into real names. However on sync with the Treo 600, no email addresses are synced over. What do I do? (13761 views)
» How can I easily select text without using my stylus? (12797 views)
» How to do instant messaging with services such as AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger and Yahoo! on a Treo 600. (13609 views)
» How to record a voice memo? (15120 views)
» How to unstick keys after a liquid spill? (16017 views)
» How do I enter a tab on the Treo 600 without resorting to the on-screen keyboard? (11386 views)
» Sometimes while leaving a voicemail requires a directory look up of a perticular recipient. One has to type in last name with phone buttons. While on call, how can I enable the ABC, DEF buttons maps? (10261 views)


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